A Russian wife is for love as she is so much different from all the women you met before. If you are searching for a Russian or a Ukrainian wife on that internet you should know that dating a Russian woman is not far from dating a woman locally. Though a Russian girl is behind a computer but the conception are still the same. You can talk and introduce yourself to her, you figure out if there is an attraction between you and her. Remember the rules of attraction between men and women are general despite of where and how you meet.

Here is the divorce rate for every 100 marriages in Russian and other countries:

Russia 52.1%
Ukraine 42.7%
Belarus 48%

Any one browsing the internet would find one time an advertisement of a marriage agency or a dating site offering "Beautiful Russian, Belarus and Ukrainian wives". Clicking on one of the very many links available will directly show astonishing looking women. Due to this a lot of men from around the world think that a Russian girl looking for dating and marriage on the Internet would demonstrate big interest to any man, but the major issue is that a Russian wife have to deal with so many gaffes that foreign men regularly make.

Remember you should always find a balance between your emotions and your logic. So if you are searching for a serious relationship and looking for a real Russian or a Ukrainian wife be sure to find a legitimate Russian dating/marriage site or agency. Also be sure that the site belongs to a professional marriage agency that has been online for at least 5-6 years.

For a Russian or Ukrainian wife, it is very significant for her to look at her best, not only for her own personal pleasure but also so that they can be the most excellent wife for her husband. Apart from their gorgeousness and beauty Russian girls are famous for their femininity and patience. This is the reason why thousands of men all over the world tired of feminism obsessed women seek a Russian wife. Russian women will never fight to prove that they are as strong and professional as men are. These women are happy with their responsibilities as wives and mothers fated to them by nature. However, please keep in mind that most of the ladies in our agency are educated, have a university degrees and are well-qualified professional.

What do our ladies do for living? Here is a list that will give you and idea about what are the jobs some of our women members engaged in:

Occupation Number of ladies
Architect 46
Music Teacher 12
Psychologist 31
Shop Assistant 19
Doctor 57
English language teacher 30
Manicurist 64
Saleswoman 11
Journalist 26
Real Estate 29
Social Worker 15
Nurse 32
Bank worker 18
Economist 44
Programmer 6
Accountant 58
Self Employed 63
Laboratory Assistant 17
Receptionist 4
Secretary 12
Financier 8
Ecologist 2
Dentist 25
Model 3
Stylist 21
Office Manager 36
Teacher of French Language 6
Manager 72
Business woman 9
Software engineer 1
Civil Engineer 25
Waitress 5
Lawyer 44
Travel agent 38
State employee 10
Unemployed 16
Fashion Designer 8
Hairdresser 30
Translator 14
Hostess 2
Student university/Post graduate 128
Musician 24


First and foremost Russian women are looking for serious relationship and marriage. Since the beginning of the internet era and Russian online dating sites, men from all over the world started their search for a perfect and honest Russian wife.

Here are some quotes from our Russian ladies' profiles:

- I would like to meet and fall in love with a man having self-respect and strong personality who is looking for a faithful Russian wife. I think it is very significant to find someone who believes in family and moral values and shares ideas of life with me.

- I am looking only for a serious relationship with a loving, marriage minded, family oriented and understanding man who is seeking a Ukrainian wife and wants to start a happy family.

- I seek a honest and marriage minded man who would not play with his wife's feelings.

- I decided to seek for a foreign husband because most men in Russia and Ukraine are either not faithful or simply are rude to their wives.

- It doesn't matter what I write about myself. What matters is what you think about me. I would like to give the part of my soul and body energy to my beloved man and my future husband.

- I am ready to accept all new things for new life with a man who I would love, for new problems and new things that I will like. Yes, I can say, today I am really ready to accept new life in the new country with mine beloved husband. I look forward to a man, to whom I could say each morning : " I thank you for your love and happiness, which you daily bring to my life. I thank you for your care for me ". Of course, I very well understand all many complexities of family life, therefore I can promise you ONLY honest conversation. ONLY sincere relationship. ONLY real support. ONLY real care for you. I would like to receive it in an exchange from you too. And only so we can reach our purpose in the shortest time and to be a happy pair for the end of our life!

- I value trust in relationship. Openness, friendship, understanding are the foundation of any alliance. I do not speak of love as it goes without saying. It often happens that after years of being together passion may become less stronger or disappear at all but friendship and love keep a couple together, keep the zest of existence alive.

- I am nice, tender, reliable and kind girl, with a healthy sense of humor, but a bit absent-minded, mostly serious though.

- You are loving, affectionate and passionate. I feel safety with you, because you are brave, strong and reliable. We will always feel good together. I will paint your world with different colors and give you everything what I can, because you will be the Sense of my life!

The chief intend of our agency is to give men from around the world the opportunity to meet their future Ukrainian and Russian wives. On our site you can be sure that the girls are ready to communicate with the foreign men and relocate to other countries if they found the right man. It is very vital question by the way as it is always hard for a person to a woman relocate. Any man should understand that his future Belarus, Russian or Ukrainian wife has to be emotionally and psychologically prepared to live in another country.

What is the difference between a Russian wife and a French, Italian or an American wife:

1- A western wife can easily cheat on you and most likely to divorce you. A Russian wife is loving, caring, loyal, warm and very family-oriented. She is always ready and keen to compromise on any problem with her husband.

2- Most Western wives become fat after marriage. What is funny, if an American wife mentioned she is average weight, this will mean she is 50-60 pounds (20-30 kg) overweight. A Russian wife stay physically fit, sexy and slim. If you visit any park in Ukraine or Russia you will be amazed at how many women there are fascinating, hot and beautiful, they look more like models than mothers. Most of then are wearing mini skirts and high heels. Russian wives take good care of themselves and are always in excellent shape.

3- A western wife is probably the most materialistic wife on Earth. A Russian or Ukrainian wife's personality is different, she is the most sincere and loving wife on earth, she is a good mother, devoted partner and a friend to her husband. Russian women learned to value and care for the things that actually matter. A lot of successful French, Italian, America and Scandinavian wives seem to put their career first but Russian wives believe that their jobs is only a means to support their families.

4- Unlike a Russian wife, a Western wife derives no happiness in pleasing her husband or attending to his desires, but instead feels enslaved or demoralized.

5- A Russian wife love to COOK for her husband, and what's more she enjoys doing it!

6- A Russian bride usually do not care about her future husband's appearance much and is more willing to accept big age difference with her partner because she consider such men mature, experienced, know who to treat a woman right, loving, etc etc etc.

Here are some quoted e-mails we received from our visitors and members:

- I'm an Canadian and I have been happily married for the past 6 years to a astonishing Ukrainian woman. Not only are Russian and Ukrainian girls very beautiful but what is more important they are very traditional, my loving wife takes very good care of me. My wife says that wives here in Canada act like men and the men act like women, she has also said that Canadian men has let their wives get away from them. Ukrainian and Russian brides and Canadian men make a great match, if all Canadian men knew the difference between a Canadian wife and a Ukrainian/Russian wife, then Canadian females would be in trouble.

- I have noticed that a lot of men from Italy prefer the blonde hair, blue eyes type wives because they aren't used to seeing them in Italy, and find them to be very sexy and beautiful. I also have heard that wives from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil are said to be the most attractive wives on the planet.

- What's a good website to find a Russian wife? I know seeking a potential wife is not like shopping for a notebook.

- I would go for your dating service rather than wait to meet my future wife in clubs, pubs and bars.

- Western girls are not only horrible, they have no idea what a wife is supposed to be. They think having high testosterone and a high paying job is their aim of living.

- I would focus on a Russian or a Belarus bride who are way too different and getting to meet them and date them is more pleasant and will give one a totally different outlook. on life.

- Why are Russian wives considered to be most gorgeous and beautiful? I mean I haven't seen many Russian girls so far but heard from a lot of resources and heard that many men like them very much. I think due to some cultural differences its not very simple to work out for most of these men.

- I am thinking of finding a Russian wife. I do not know anything about sex customs in Russia. What is fine and what is forbidden. I do not want to be offensive but what is a Russia girl open to?. Our answer for this man was: We want to inform you that a marriage minded and serious Russian girl will not understand a man who email her very intimate things, for instance writing about your preferred positions. Remember most Russian girls even the very fervent and passionate ones, will keep their emotions under a complete control and will never open they desires about sex in their emails to men. But unfortunately some of our members never listen to our advice/tips and sent pictures of themselves in their underwear and some even sent naked photos.

- I would choose a Russian wife. Any woman from over there treats men very well and Russian girls make good wives. Exotic, Loving and natural caretakers.

- Thank you, I found my future wife. We phoned each other for many times with Elena, exchanged some emails, then we met last month and understood that we want to be together for a life-time. Thank you for your help guys.

- Dear Agency would it be hard for me to ask my Russian wife not to wear mini skirt and high heels when we are out. And not to wear string bikinis (micro bikini) when we are on the beach? I know I have the best wife in the world, but she is mine, we are married and she don't need to prove anything anymore. Am I right?

- My wife is Ukrainian national, we married 2 years ago. She is a musician and has lived in Australia for 4 years, 2 of which she was studying at University. Does my wife qualify for Australian citizenship?

- How to say in Russian: These flowers are for you my sweet and beautiful wife?

- Girls of all races can be good wives just like ladies of all races can be bad wives. It depends on the woman. I think some Russian girls are good wives and some are not.

- Please can you kindly help with a present for my Russian wife's mother. The gift should be something easily achievable in Russia and should be good for a Russian housewife who is about 62 years old. Thank you in advance.

- My wife is Ukrainian can she obtain American passport as I am an American citizen through birth in the USA?

- Hello, my name is Christopher and from the UK but now live and work in Dubai I am 46 but still single I am looking for a wife from Russia or Ukraine between 25-45 for marriage. she should be family oriented, sincere, faithful, beautiful and loving. I don't mind if she is divorced or single with or without kids. Can your agency help?

- I am so thankful for this service because it helped me find a wonderful Ukrainian wife. She is incredible and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. If a man is honest and really looking for marriage then he would definitely find a life partner on your site. I will recommend this web site to anyone looking for their soul mate. Thank you.

- My wife has a Russian passport and an American Green Card. Can you inform where can she travel to without a visa with her Russian Passport?

- Can a Russian wife be trusted? Are these women trustworthy and loyal? Is it worth spending money on a membership with your agency/website? Can I find a spouse with your service?

- Which brides make better wives ... Russian, Estonian, Belarus, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Latvian?

- Where is the best place to find a Russian wife? I have been looking for Russian girls. Has anyone among your clients had any success with something? All my friends have one, some have more :)

- I just wanted to email you and express my thanks for your wonderful service. Not only did your agency assist to put off me from being taken in by scammers, but it also educated me about how fantastic a real marriage minded Russian woman is.

- My neighbor got married to such a loyal, beautiful, amazing, lovely Russian woman. Why shouldn’t I try?

- What do all these beautiful blonde Russian mail order brides look for in a man?

- I think Russian girls who are searching for husbands on dating and matchmaking sites can be separated into two groups. The first group are girls who decided to run off Russia/Ukraine and start a family with a foreign man overseas. The second group just want to get married and use any mean of acquaintances.

- Are Russian brides real? I think they are very real. I read on the Internet that the majority of the marriages work out pretty well.

- I am married to a Ukrainian woman and I want to ask you if there are married couples like us in your agency in Tampa/Florida?

- Ukraine and Russia are the world's number one and two exporters of amazing wives, so I would recommend to my marriage single friends Russia and Ukraine, particularly because they like long legged and slim blondes.

What an Ukrainian and a Russian wife don't like most in her husband? Here are their answers (The figures are according to a survey made on 340 Ukrainian/Russian wives):

- 74% Russian wives find their husbands drink too much and abuse alcohol (16% said their husbands actually are alcoholics).
- 36.4% Russian wives said they are rude and impolite. They hurt their feelings and never apologize.
- 28% said they are being offended regularly.
- 52.7 Russian wives said they don't trust their husbands. They are unfaithful, have mistress and live their life as if they are not married.
- 19% said they are irresponsible and careless. The only time they pay attention to their wives is when they want sex.
- 8.4% Russian wives said their husbands don't support their families financially and some don't bring any money.
- 44% said they are irritable.
- 21.3 Russian wives said their husbands are not reliable.
- 10.6% Don't find them sexually attractive and don't want to have sex with them.
- 4.9% find themselves to be miserable and unhappy.
- 24% said their husbands have no sense of humour at all.
- 31.5% women stated that there is no romanticism in their marriage.
- 7.9% said there is no mutual hobbies or things they can share.
- 27% never show respect for them.
- 12% said they feel alone and abandoned.
- 14 women said they in fact hate their partners.

After reading above is there any need to explain why Russian and Ukrainian women looking for marriage and want to start a family abroad.

Here is what some of our men members say in their profiles and what a dream wife they are looking for:

- Young and pretty woman, preferable age 22-32, feminine, educated, smiling and warm -hearted, reliable and honest. A woman who wants to give and receive much love & tenderness and who adores children.

- I'm looking for a nice, beautiful and lovely young woman with a good character, who wants to marry and wants to have children very soon.
Age: 25 - 33 years. Height: no relevant. Education: no doctor and no academic title, otherwise
non relevant. Figure: slim to full figured.

- Looking for a tall woman with 1.65 to 1.80, pretty eyes no matter what color, good sense of humor, a great service to others and who loves me very much.

- I want a woman with passion for her life, that love life! With positive mind, not materialist (somebody told me one day, if you can be happy with little, you can be happy with much), I just want know a woman with a big heart, a strong heart, a generosity heart, a woman that her love and passion be more bigger than herself! A woman that wants have a nice family, loving kids and be beloved wife.

- I would like to find a Christian Ukrainian girl, and she found me. It is not necessary for her to have my own thoughts, a relationship is two people, not just one. Between 18 and 27 years. Who likes the idea of marriage, family, children, sports, traveling, having fun, who likes to travel by motorbike, you do not mind living with the person you fall in love abroad. I would like not to smoke and drink. May it be loving, romantic, sincere, faithful, love of her man. I want a wife to enjoy each other's life.

- I seek a beautiful Russian girl. age about 23-33 years old., height about 150-175 cm education is not important. no animals, no smoking, no drinking. I would like about 2 children in about 3-5 years in the future.

- I would like to meet a easy going none smoking lady with or with out kids 28-42 years old.

- I seek a Ukrainian wife between the ages of 27- 45. I would like to have someone who is close to my height, and concerning education, there are no specific requirements.

- For me what should be a family it is all the more important in life before all the family material me everything. What I look for in a Russian wife is many things, love, loyalty, faithfulness, joy. I'm looking for my friend, wife, mother of my future children and my lover, let me feel the happiest man in the world, seeking the woman who captivates me is loving, likes children, family, has values, independent and confident and clear beauty too. Does this with me in good and bad moments that I support and always worry about me. What I love and want be loved. Seeking companion of 18 years to 33 years maximum, if the physical matter to me.

- Firstly sincerity and respect than sociable and improving oneself. 27-35 ages old, over 165 cm, educated and an enthusiastic lady.

- I'm looking for a outgoing outdoor loving Christian Russian woman, looking for commitment and loving relationship! I want an equal partner and a best friend to share the good times with! must love to live life as I'm often wanting to go on adventures and getting away at the weekends! I don't mind children or if anyone has been married as long as your happy in life.

- I hope to meet my woman quite, honest, faithful ,caring and love her husband.

- Busco una mujer para casarme, no importa que tenga Hijos, amo los niños. ¿Por qué no busco en Chile? Es porque las mujeres Chilenas prefieren la competencia laboral a desarrollarse como madres y esposas. Su altura debe ser entre 1.60 cm y 1.78 cm., no me importa su eduación formal si su cultura aprendida en la vida. Solo deseo que quiera a alguien que sea mi compañera en la vida, a quien amar y mantener como reina del hogar. No quiero mantener chat, mails para entretención, solo quiero a alguien que esté dispuesta a vivir en Chile con un hombre que la respete y quiera por sobre todas las cosas de la vida.

- Age and height are not important to me. I would like to meet a kind, loyal, honest, educated, non smoker, family oriented female, who likes to exercise to take care of herself.

- Busco una mujer para casarme, no importa que tenga Hijos, amo los niños. ¿Por qué no busco en Chile? Es porque las mujeres Chilenas prefieren la competencia laboral a desarrollarse como madres y esposas. Su altura debe ser entre 1.60 cm y 1.78 cm., no me importa su eduación formal si su cultura aprendida en la vida. Solo deseo que quiera a alguien que sea mi compañera en la vida, a quien amar y mantener como reina del hogar. No quiero mantener chat, mails para entretención, solo quiero a alguien que esté dispuesta a vivir en Chile con un hombre que la respete y quiera por sobre todas las cosas de la vida.

- I'm basically looking for a Russian wife who is between 24 and 40 years of age. She should be between 5' to 5'8" tall. A woman who is as beautiful on the inside as the outside with a slim/slender or athletic body. Must be able to smile and willing to show sensitiveness...Not a tuff girl. Sweet and fun. A down to earth stable gal who knows what she wants in life and not afraid to show it. A woman who will openly talk about anything & everything under the sun literally and is not secretive. A gal who will just be herself and not feel uncomfortable...Let me be uncomfortable and nervous for both of us..Lol..Hahaha...Its been many years with the same person for me, so this is all so very new to me! You must be a non smoker/non or mild drinker to be compatible. My intentions are to start out as friends and go slow and make it fun for the two of us. No hasty decisions. Please ask any questions whatsoever. I'm very open and you cannot hurt, embarrass or insult me... So ask away. Thank you for reading this profile.

- Looking for a stable relationship with a view to a marriage ”to live happily ever after”. To be brief and honest, a very sweet, loving, considerate girl who is very competent in the home environment, and is also her own person, intelligent and supportive. A girl who will be a good lover in marriage, not unresponsive and appreciative of affection that I display to her.
I do not like a girl who wishes to plays games emotionally and who is insincere. Preference for a girl that I can be a companion for outdoor activities with like beach, hiking, camping as well as indoor and recreational, social, intellectual activities. Girls that are very attractive to me have intelligence, grace and poise, with middle-class values and high morals.

- deseo encontrar una mujer romantica, cariñosa, rubia o morena, pelo largo. Entre 30 y 40 años, su estatura entre 160 y 172 cm. y si habla un poco de español mejor.

- seeks soulmate who is joyfull, openhearted, honnest and true someone who can talk with me when there is a problem (and not hide it). MUST BE NON SMOKER, age: younger or equal, height: <=170, education: don't care.

- Looking for a wife to marry, which I can be proud of, and which can be proud of me....

- 25-35 I seek a woman who is kind, loving, caring and most of all loyal, someone to enjoy life with.

- I am seeking a bride from 21-33 with no children. Someone who wants to have a family of our own and will be my best friend and lover. Honesty, faithfulness and overall sweet personality are most important to me.

- I'm not perfect so you won't have to be either. I'm looking for my soul mate, my best friend, the love of my life, who wants to share my happy and sad moments in life and to start a family with. Age doesn't really matter, but i prefer you are not taller than me. As long as you are sweet, loving and caring!

- From 24 to 42, From Bachelors Degree, from 1.62 to 1.80 tall, 48 to 62 kg, Sincere, hard working, loving, good lover passionate, supportive, tender, Family oriented, Loves children, likes cooking, responsible, caring, loyal, faithful, communicative.

- The wife I'm looking for has to think globally and believe that on this world there is a sure thing: the changes. So she wants to share that kind of thought with someone ready to share and discover a new way of loving and taking care of that couple, I'm ready to meet her.

- 29-41 Jahre. Das wichtigste in einer Beziehung ist zuverlässigkeit und ehrlichkeit. Es kommt nicht auf die äußeren Werte an, sondern sie sollte auch ein bißchen familienorientiert sein und der Rest sollte sich von selbst ergeben.Bei mir entscheidet am Anfang meistens die Sympathie.

- I am searching for an honest, educated woman who is seriously looking to build a stable family life in Iceland and feel at home here with me. You can write to me in Russian, if you prefer.

- Looking for a long-term serious relationship with an intelligent, serious and educated lady who is ready to settle down and start a family together. I don't seek an ideal woman.

- I would like to find a woman who is interested in forming a strong family, which is based on respect and understanding.

Here is the list of our members from different countries who found a Russian wife in our agency. (The figures listed are according to our statistic carried out in the period between March 2002-April 2011)

Country Number of marriages
USA 358
Spain 144
UK 201
Germany 95
Greece 38
Bahrain 6
Japan 12
Denmark 46
Australia 62
Ecuador 3
China 16
Brazil 15
Italy 77
Portugal 15
Qatar 4
Norway 51
Canada 85
Colombia 14
Malaysia 5
Slovenia 2
Taiwan 4
South Africa 26
Egypt 14
Malta 3
Belgium 45
Chile 68
Venezuela 9
El Salvador 6
Monaco 4
Greenland 1
Yugoslavia 2
Switzerland 14
France 50
Kuwait 18
Cyprus 7
New Zealand 29
Saudi Arabia 2
Finland 31
Israel 19
Luxembourg 22
Argentina 8
Poland 6
Thailand 2
Turkey 94
UAE 11
Sweden 57
Mexico 60
Puerto Rico 1
Jordan 5
Ireland 2
Liechtenstein 4
Syria 2
Bahamas 1
Iceland 16
Lebanon 12
Korea 8
Netherlands 40
India 7
Austria 27
Maldives 1
Peru 12
Guatemala 1
Croatia 9
Singapore 3
Hong Kong 3
Seychelles 1
Czech 7
Latvia 8
Costa Rica 1
Lithuania 5
Estonia 12

As well as being as beautiful and sexy as any super model, Russian women are apt for being as highly capable as ladies in Western countries. They shape a big fraction of the skillful employees and hold just the same kind of tasks as men. It is an unlucky fact that Russian females far outnumber the men in their society. Continuing wars have destroyed the men population over the past 100 years in the ex Soviet (USSR) countries. Besides, men lifetime is significantly shorter in Ukraine and Russia than lets say in United States of America or the United Kingdom. So man Russian wives experience young widowhood. Others bear the social (shame) attached to being an single lady over a certain age. This can be keep away from by moving to other countries and seeking husbands there.

Usually Russian girls learn English or German, rarely Italian, Spanish and French at school. English is more spread, when other languages are less in popular. Almost every woman in Russian, Ukraine and Belarus can say some phrases in English. In small towns, only few women can speak good English or German, etc. In big cities like Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg more ladies speak intermediate to very good English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Most of the brides who apply to our dating service can at least read and understand English. About 60% can speak some English, and probably 40% speak good English (some even fluent). Though, it is also possible to find women speaking other languages like Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, Finish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and others.

Remember, not every marriage turns out ideal but then the divorce rate in German, UK and Denmark for domestic couples is probably 25% to 30% over the lifetime of a marriage. The chances are not that good that a couple will stay married forever. According to the statistics an English man have a higher chance of remaining in a lasting marriage if his wife is a Russian woman whom he has met on a dating or a marriage site who wants to meet a man from another country and is willing to leave Russia to join him and start their own family.

Finding a Russian or a Ukrainian wife is not an simple, easy and quick procedure. Men might face many barriers and obstacles. For thousands of men it take them more than a few visits and journeys to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova before they meet the right woman.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life and have a beautiful, loving and intelligent wife with a with wonderful body who gives value to her family and herself then go out and find her in Russia and Ukraine. Also keep in mind that if you are divorced or you failed many times from local/actual dating, there’s still hope in online marriage sites. It is well-organized and makes you more self-assured and confident about yourself.




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