Why do Russian women dress provocatively, exciting and sexy?

Seeing a Russian woman on the streets is a phenomenon in itself. She is always bright, always noticeable, and always different. There are several facts that may explain why Russian women enjoy dressing up in a provocative way and draw everyone’s attention.

In general, Russian girls, especially Russian models, tend to dress in a sexy and provocative way. They do not conform to the norms and standards of other countries, but instead rather to wear whatever makes them feel their best at all times.

Russian models

First of all, good clothing was rare for Russian people for a long time. During the times of the Soviet Union the deficit was not only a phenomenon affecting food and produce, but also clothing. It was impossible to find interesting and unique outfits. Same dresses and suits were sold in stores all over the country. This is why many Russian women took up sewing and made their own clothes for themselves, their kids and husbands. However, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, a large number of stores opened up across Russia bringing in clothes from other countries. The hunger for unique, attractive and elegant clothes was finally satisfied. However, even now new generations of Russian women are still raised in a society where a nice outfit is very important. One of the most commonly used proverbs in Russia shows exactly how important clothing is: “When people meet you, they look at your clothes; when they say goodbye, they look at your mind”.

Russian woman

Secondly, clothing and shoes are imported to Russia from the nearby countries, where they are cheap and pretty. These countries include Turkey, China, Bulgaria and Korea. Many Russian females travel to Turkey for a summer vacation and to buy cheap clothes. Russian stores are supplied by traders who bring accessories, jewelry, blouses, skirts, dresses, belts and shoes from Turkey and China.

Generous amounts of expressive make-up, high platform shoes, and flashy, sexual clothing is typical of a Russian girl's wardrobe.

Russian girls

Thirdly, the competition between Russian girls in dating is really high. Young women compete for males’ attention and try to attract a man in various ways. Wearing appealing clothes, make-up and high heels seems to work at least during the initial acquaintance. This is why many young Russian females use their appearance as one of the means of attracting their life partner.

Recently a top cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church was under fire for saying that girls who wear miniskirts, high heels and get drunk should not be surprised if they get raped.

And finally, it is often hard to apply a limited budget of a single young woman to buying high-quality brand clothes. Cheap clothes, however, can sometimes be gaudy and make a woman look a little vulgar for the observer’s taste. Nevertheless, Russian girls are notorious for their beauty and can do any outfit justice.




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