Is marrying a Russian woman safe?

When men talk about Russian mail order brides, they usually mean Russian women that advertise themselves to get married to men from all over the world.

Russian women

There are very big numbers of Russian women looking for marriage in foreign countries. There are different reasons for these women to choose to get married in other countries rather than getting married in Russia. Here are some reasons for that:

1- You will find that most of women are over 28. Russian men usually prefer to marry young ladies. Therefore, when a woman crosses 28 in Russia, it gets really difficult to get married to an independent and family oriented man. This is the reason they send their profiles either to dating sites and marriage agencies.

2- Russia is not as developed as countries like the UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the USA so Russian women rather get married in the countries where there are safety and stability.

Men from all over the world need to marry women who are committed to their families and maybe less career oriented. These men prefer Russian women. The main reasons for this are:

- Russian women and beautiful.

- Russian women are much committed towards their families. Their priority is their husband and children.

- Most Russian women are good homemakers. They like to do their home chores by themselves. They like to cook, tidy the house, decorate the house and are definitely great hosts.

Russian woman

However, is it safe to marry a Russian woman? Sure, there are lots of precautions to be taken care before a man commit to marry a Russian woman. The reason behind this is that there are lots of fraud and scams going on the Internet. Unfortunately here are some sites that have made this in to money minting business and consequently they go wrong way.

Here are some precautions to be thought about prior to marrying a Russian woman:

- Check the reliability and authenticity of the dating and marriage agency that you are going to make use of to meet Russian women.

- It is advisable that you use a dating site that has been recommended by a friend, his experience will always help you.

- If a Russian girl you have been in contact with asks for money or a gift, be sure not to fall in to this trap. If she wishes to visit you, instead of sending money buy her a flight ticket. It is a safer way to protect self from scams and check if a woman honest and really interested in you.

Russian woman

So, should you stop looking for a Russian woman?

Definitely not, these were only some examples of possible fraud of a very small part of Russian women who are at the wrong site of the Internet dating. Does it scare you? Please don't, it's only a minor part (0.6%) of the total Russian women who are trying to find a new partner. Don't get paranoid about this, you can do many things by yourself to be safe and avoid potential scammers.

Always try to be positive, don't think that behind every corner there will be someone waiting for you to get rid of your money. And do not forget that many Russian women are afraid of the same thing too. It's not only the women who are trying to play with men, there are a lot of men too, who just are looking for some action or a one time adventure with a beautiful Russian woman and just drop them like dirt when they don't need them anymore.

Finally, some say that Russian women are only interested in rich men. Well, yes, some Russian women are gold-diggers. But I can also find Italian, American, Canadian, Swedish, Mexican and Brazilian women who have refined gold-digging (chasing after rich men) to an art form. On the right dating and marriage agency you will find Russian women are more interested in your care and emotional support than your bank account.




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