Why Russian divorced women are excellent matches for dating

Some men may say that divorced women are people with luggage. Definitely that baggage is their precious knowledge and experience that those Russian women have. If you met online a divorced Russian woman, never allow her marital status stop you from dating her. With divorce rate high in Russia, the chances that you will meet a divorced Russian woman who was married or in a committed relationship previously are very high. If you have never been married, the image about divorced women with a child may be odd or unclear. Additionally, there are a lot of stereotypes about Russian divorcees that might influence your attitude. If a divorced Russian woman with a child looking for a new relationship, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that she is looking for a father for her son or daughter since many couples in Russia break up before they have children. It is incorrect and wrong to presume that she is desperate, hopeless or needy. If she is ready for dating again, it means she moved on. She analyzed her failed marriage and she is ready for a new relationship in which she will not make the same faults and mistakes. There are many other benefits and advantages of dating divorced Russian women.


- A divorced Russian woman doesn’t set high expectation as she already knows so much about marriage and the relationships between men and women. Divorced Russian women understand what is important and what is less important. Since their marriage failed because they were with wrong men, now they know very well what kind of men they are looking for.

- A divorced Russian woman knows what she wants. Divorce could weaken and undermine Russian women self-confidence but the fact that they are looking for love and marriage again shows that it made them stronger. They are honest with themselves and they know very well what kind of relationship they want.

Divorced Russian woman

- Divorced Russian women are experienced. If you have never been married but the Russian woman you are dating are divorced, then she is at an advantage. Her chief advantage is her relationship experience. She is skilled, sexually experienced and knows how dating and relationship progress at all the stages.

- Divorced Russian women don’t want to rush into a new relationship as they hope to find the right man but this time they will take their time. Moreover these women are choosy and they will need more time to make sure you are the right man. When you start to date a divorced Russian woman, let your relationship progress and develop naturally and stay away from talking about marriage at the first stage of your relationship.

Divorced Russian woman

- Divorced Russian women are not afraid of dedication and commitment as these women want to take their time building a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Remember any divorced Russian woman wants to marry again but this time she will be more careful and cautious.


Important tips for Dating divorced Russian women

1- Foreigner is a plus. Being a foreigner in Russia or being a foreign man seeking to meet a divorced Russian woman on a dating site, you don’t really require impressing her too much because Russian women give more time of day to foreign men. However, you should not feel smug as this doesn’t mean that you have to play it complacently because what you have is just a small advantage. Remember, there is more than being a foreign man to win a Russian woman’s heart.

2- Russian women love to learn about other cultures. When you are communicating with a Russian woman online, make sure that you tell her as much as you can about your country, traditions and culture. At the same time, ask her questions about Russian traditions and culture as well.

3- Russian women like to dress up. They do this to impress you. If you let the Russian woman you are dating know that you are really impressed, she will feel happy.

4- There is no a Russian woman out there who just wants her man to wear a t-shirt and some jeans all his life. Russian women believe that well dressed men are sexy. So be sure to dress classy and any Russian woman will appreciate you for it.

5- Know when to give flowers and small gifts.


Quotes from the web:

- Question: Should I date a divorced Russian woman?

Answer: Yes, you can date a divorced woman and it will not make you insignificant in the relationship, if she has already divorced once. Just make sure that some time has passed so that she has had some time to get over her divorce, because you do not want your relationship to be on the "rebound" for her. A relationship after a divorce can be hard for some women. Be careful for yourself and for her because trust, feelings, and emotions take on a different twist. Remember dependency is a big mistake in this type of relationship, try to stay a little independent and not have to rely on emotional support. Also, do you know why this Russian woman was divorced. For she might have been divorced due to reasons such as abuse. Often times in a divorce in Russia, the husband is the reason behind it. Not saying it always happens like that (my Russian fiance was divorced due to her ex-husband abuse).

- Don’t pass on a Russian woman just because she is divorced. I too am 26 and divorced at 22, after being with him for 2yrs and had one daughter. Abusive, from the time Russian women are little girls, they dream of having a high school sweetheart that they have a family with and grow old with like we see in the movies. Well what us Russian girls don’t realize is its not as we see in the movies growing up. Just because she divorced once don’t me you are any less significant to her. Her broken marriage is just a sign of a young Russian woman getting married way too young. Respect her, love her and let her love you, there is nothing stronger than a Russian woman's real love.

- Its not against Christianity to marry a divorced woman. God forgives even divorce, just like he forgives other sins. When asked about divorce, Jesus stated there was no good reason to get rid of your wife unless she committed adultery. If she committed adultery, they could divorce her. He went on to explain that marrying this woman would put you in an adulterous marriage. I didn't write the book, but that's what it says.

- You should date a divorced Russian woman, and get the full story. Perhaps what she needs is to know the right man. She needs a husband that is not going to hurt her, or use her, and help teach her that she is wonderful the way she is.




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