Ukrainian wife - Before and after

You have met this beautiful girl and have decided that she is the one. You ask her to marry you, which she agrees and you begin the procedure and paper work for bring her to your country.


Once you are married this is what she will experience and you will see:


1- If she knows how to drive a car and possibly had a Ukrainian driver license, upon beginning to drive in your country she will feel worried and anxious. Every time she gets behind the wheel and sees a police car, she will become very concerned. It will take her a couple of years to forget the awful and unpleasant experiences she had with the corrupted Ukrainian police officers, who do stop drivers anytime, with no reasons.

2- In first few months she will drive only on the neighboring roads thinking that she could never be brave enough to drive on a highway.

3- After arriving and getting settled in, your Ukrainian wife will be frightened to answer the phone because of her limited language skills.

4- More than likely she won’t know what a yam or sweet potato is, nor what they taste like.

5- She most likely, will not like peanut butter.


6- Your Ukrainian wife will look in the local stores for what she considers staples, such as “Salo” (A traditional predominately Ukrainian food consisting of cured slabs of fatback) “Tvorog” (a cottage cheese made in a special Ukrainian way) and other Ukrainian food stuffs, but never find most of them. This will make her very eager to find any Ukrainian stores in your city.

7- She will hate all the breads sold in your city’s supermarkets and most of the bakeries and will complain about how much she misses the bread she could buy in Ukraine.

8- She will pay close attention to putting on her makeup, and wear a miniskirt or a very nice dress and high heel shoes just to go to the supermarket.

9- Your Ukrainian wife will spend a lot of time trying to find other Ukrainians in your city with whom to communicate with.

10- First few months she will feel more like a tourist and regularly take a camera or a phone with her. She will send photos to her mother, father, sisters, brothers and friends almost every day.

11. Because of her lack of English, Spanish, German, etc skills (Depends on where you are from), she becomes bored when you are watching your favorite television show and you have to frequently ask her not to bother you while the show is on.


Now lets fast forward one to two years and see how life has changed for your Ukrainian wife:

Ukrainian wife

1- A police car is now just another usual car on the road for her.

2- She drives anywhere and doesn’t remember any of her fear about the highway.

3- She will speak easily on the phone with your and her English speaking friends.

4- Your Ukrainian wife has learned how to prepare nice dishes from yams and sweet potatoes.

5- Very likely she still doesn’t like peanut butter.

6- She stopped looking for Ukrainian stores.

7- Your Ukrainian wife may accept the breads but more than likely won’t … and will stop eating bread altogether :)

8- When she goes to the supermarket, she probably is wearing a T-shirt, a pair of jeans and tennis shoes.

9- Your Ukrainian wife begins to loose contact with most of the Ukrainian friends she found during her first months in your country.

10- She doesn’t feel herself as a tourist anymore and become satisfied and complacent about her surroundings that she doesn’t think to send photos to her mother anymore.

11- She has her favorite TV shows and asks you don’t bother her when she is watching them.


Quotes from the web:

- I found my Ukrainian wife through an agency and I can tell you my experience with Ukrainian women. Some years ago, I lived and worked in Ukraine for one year and I was really surprised at Ukrainian women. Not only are they the most beautiful women I've ever seen, but they are very traditional, intelligent, and resilient. They take very much pride in they way they look, you will never see a Ukrainian lady going out in public wearing sweat paints with hair up and no make-up, as so many American women do. American women have became too independent, too rebellious, and they will divorce they're husbands at the drop of a hat. Ukrainian women are very traditional, they believe in family, and they take very good care of they're family. It's interesting to hear my wife's opinion on American women, she says women here in the states act like men, that they want to be the "man" of the family. I do believe that American men and Ukrainian women make a great match. My wife and I have been happily married for 10yrs and still going great.

- A Ukrainian wife will stick with you through any turn of fortune … OR … A Russian wife will do anything you ask because they have no other choice ...

- Ukrainian women are (in general) beautiful, intelligent, well educated, and most of them could be evidently good ("perfect"?) wives... BUT: NOT these "brides for sale"... it's usually some kind of... prostitution. And what does it mean: "Are Ukrainian women similar to us in hygiene"? What a strange question... :) Yes, they are... I mean WE are :). I'm Ukrainian. :) They practice GOOD hygiene... :) Moreover, they are usually stylish, fragrant and... speak English.

- I have been married to a Ukrainian for 2 years, and it is working wonderfully. There are cultural differences, so it takes an open mind on both parts. All the hype about "they marry you and dump you" is a statement made by people with no experience in obtaining a visa to the US for another person, and have a complete lack of understanding of US immigration law, and how divorce affects immigration.




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