Things you didn’t know about Russian girls

If you were asked to give one characteristic Russian girls usually have, what would you answer? Probably, you are going to give answers that are a little similar to the following: passionate, loving, beautiful and so on. Most of these are correct but you have certainly left out a few more things.

Russian girls

Here is what you didn’t know about Russian girls that you should to be aware of:

- Russian girls are close with their mothers

This may sound like a sweeping statement but it is in fact true with most of Russian girls. They have close relationship with their mothers and they keep in touch regularly even after marriage.

- Russian girls believes in romance and chivalry

Chivalry and romance may not be the tendency in America, Canada, Australia and Europe anymore but you can bet your lucky stars that these are very much alive in Russia. Actually, Russian girls expect their suitors to court them with romance and chivalry.

- Russian girls and jealousy

A Russian girl is very jealous. You have to watch out for her jealousy because it could get tough. So make sure that you avoid specific subjects that might flash the jealousy in her.

- Russian girls are excellent debaters and arguers

Remember there is a very small chance that you will ever win in an argument with a Russian woman. So if you have a small feeling of losing in an argument, best what you have to do is agree with her and in the future it would be an excellent idea to keep away from arguments all together :)

- Russian girls are traditional

Times may be changing and old traditions may be vanishing and disappearing but the opposite is correct with Russian girls. If you don’t open doors for her, buy her flowers and make her feel special, then you have no chance at winning a Russian girl heart. Leave behind and forget the Western way of dating girls because you will not go anywhere with that when it comes to Russian girls.

Russian girls

More about Russian girls

Russian girls have grown up in a country that until quite recently was closed and this had led to some remarkable differences. Actually they have developed and evolved uniquely and with very little effects from beyond their borders.

Understanding these differences is essential and can be very useful in reducing the risks of misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

In Russia moral standards are very high and that the family unit is extremely important and understanding this is very significant. So act as gentlemen during your correspondence with a Russian girl. Let her to take the lead, especially when it comes to intimacy.

Let her know what you look like. A surprising number of men are unwilling to attach their photos with their first emails. Be rational, would you contact a girl if you did not know how she looks? Absence of photo is regarded by many Russian girls as suspicious. We know that it leads them to think that the man is either afraid of something or must be hiding something.

By western standards most Russian girls are not financially secure, but they tend by nature to be generous. It is not a good idea to talk about the value of your car, house, etc. Russian girls that you wish to contact will be put off by what they believe bragging of such things. Definitely there will be girls that will be interested in your car, hose and financial situation, but are you sure you looking for such a girl?

Russian girls

As far as one can see in contradiction to the above most of Russian girls will be looking for a man that is financially stable, they will be making a very big commitment in relocating to a foreign country and need to be sure that the man will be able to support her starting a new life.

Be a gentleman and allow her to decide the pace at which your relationship grows and develops. Once she begins to feel herself secure with you her femininity, love and tenderness will become clear and obvious. If you decided to tell a Russian girl that you love her just after two emails or conversations would be a straight way to lose her. The probability is she will have much to say to you, much to share with you. Read, listen and respond with sensitivity and warmth. Be thoughtful, listen and try to understand what your Russian girl is telling you and be responsive. Russian girls are very clever, bright and intelligent they will both enjoy and respond to your attentiveness.

Most of Russian girls are very beautiful, but at the same time they are clever enough to know that their beauty will one day disappear. Build up a level of trust and push her to express her real feelings. Share with her meaningful and deep ideas and values and let her understand that you find her observations and perceptions both worthy and admirable.

Russian girls are different. Due to a wide variety of circumstances these girls have evolved and developed in a very different way. Learning and understanding these distinctions will be very helpful for men looking for dating and marriage with these beautiful girls.




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