Russian - Ukrainian women and smoking

Some say that Russian and Ukrainian women use smoking to attract men's attention to their fragile and delicate nature. But why on earth do Ukrainian and Russian girls’ smoke? The attitude to women who smoke in Russia and Ukraine was negative in the past. This attitude seems to have changed as capitalism formed in these countries. In accordance with some statistics, about 21% of Russian women and 23% of Ukrainian women aged from 20 to 30 are smokers. It would be absurd to reprove women for smoking these days. Because smoking, is a conscious selection of any adult woman.


Some in Ukraine and Russia believe that a cigarette in a woman’s hand has begun to symbolize a true femininity and a certain degree of success however the first part of the statement seems a bit unconvincing. A Russian woman smoker is a like-minded individual in the eyes of some men smokers. Please do not get us wrong - by no means are we encouraging girls to fall into this bad habit. We are just trying to outline an impartial and objective judgment. Let us take a closer look at Russian and Ukrainian woman smoking as a means for showing off a woman smoker to advantage.


Russian women smoking look very much like some kind of a formal procedure. A girl puffs at her cigarette to weave up a smoky disguise for the gamut of gazes and glances. A woman’s personality and individuality can be brought to light if you pay attention to the way she inhales on her cigarette and exhales smoke. A woman is eagerly waiting something or in the state of uncertainty if she inhales rather abruptly and sends the smoke out right away. A woman must be in a thoughtful mood if you can see her cigarette sitting unattended in an ashtray. You had better beware if a woman seated at your table keeps her mouth open while exhaling smoke. The woman seems to let the smoke pour out freely. The woman is certainly on the make, and you may end up trapped in her net.


Any Ukrainian or Russian woman’s character and emotions can be revealed by the way she shakes the ash off. A sporadic manner of dropping aches shows a current state of uncertainty, impatience or nervousness. A Russian woman, who looks at her hand while tapping on the cigarette with an index finger, is probably no stranger to refined sensuality and sexiness. A Russian or Ukrainian woman of strong nature is expected to rub off her cigarette against the ashtray.


You also can learn something about a Ukrainian woman who asks you for a light. A woman with lots of self-respect will never bow her head if you hold out the lighter too much low for her. A men-hater woman will take the lighter from your hand. A woman who is depressed and dominated by her mother most likely will bend her head for your lighter. A Russian woman with a sensual character and personality will curl up her lips and blow out the smoke in wisps, while a woman with a mannish character will hardly hold up the cigarette to the corner of her lips when inhaling.


In general, Russian and Ukrainian girls can use smoking as a process or tactic for attracting men and giving them the green light. A women’s behavior in Russia and Ukraine are less ostentatious when they smoke for the sake of smoking. They just puffs on their cigarette while looking out the window.


It is a whole different story when a woman lights up a cigarette for men, she does it for effect. A Russian woman starts going through noticeable changes once a man within reach of her vision takes her fancy.


Russian and Ukrainian women may be unaware and unsuspecting of the changes but they do happen anyway. They will straighten out their back and cross their legs. And they will have that look in their eyes, a strange combination of coquetry and aloofness.


Russian woman will use her cigarette as a useful tool for showing off her graceful gesticulation and refined manners. Cigarette smoke floats through the air as the orange eye of a cigarette is glowing tenderly in the ashtray can the above be the signs of actual beauty and the embodiment of our time?


Honestly, most men like staring at beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women without cigarettes. However, a woman and a cigarette are like whisky and soda. A Russian woman looks sexier with a cigarette in her mouth or hand, for that matter. Smoking is just an extra way of exhibiting a woman’s beautiful lips, fine hands/nails, and a flair for perfect makeup.


Quotes from the web:

- Question: I was recently on a cruise, and one of the passengers that I saw frequently around the pool was a Russian beautiful woman, probably in her early 30s. What struck me was that she smoked small cigars (cigarillos). Since it's fairly uncommon among American women (except maybe filtered or tipped cigars on occasion), I was wondering if this is a common practice among Russian women?

Answer: Yes I have seen some Russian girls doing it and the pictures of some old Cossacks woman smoking the pipe. What is wrong with it? Nothing wrong in my book - except smoking is unhealthy.

- It usually means, a Ukrainian girl is more open to things, and has experienced more in life, perhaps due to her being more open to things... she is not afraid to experience new things.

- A cigarette in the mouth resembles something else. That’s what is attractive I guess, but wrinkles, stink, yellow teeth, and bad skin is there when the cigarette is gone.




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