Reasons why dating Russian girls is different

Why dating a Russian girl is different

You’re decision to date a Russian girl for marriage from now on may be the best move you have ever done for your love life. If you ask, why? Well, dating a Russian girl is very different due to their priorities are not completely the same as the priorities of the girls that you would date in your country. They may just be the ideal candidates for girls who are “wife object”. Here’s how different a Russian girls’ position and point of views are:

Russian girls

- Chivalry is not dead

Any Russian girl would value a man presence in her life granted that this man presence exhibits modern day chivalry and courtesy. This includes getting opening the door, helping her to her seat, escorting her home or accompanying her to her car and so on. She will be hurt and offended if you do not do this because it is part of Russian customs and she is used to Russian men doing this for her all her life.

- Appreciating the man presence

Are you used to dealing with girls who act like they are too independent and who act like they do not need a man’s support? Say adiós to that if you are dating a Russian girl. Girls in Russia are expected to be women and that definitely does not only include their outer appearance.

This means that Russian girls know their role as women. They are also not afraid of admitting that they need men’s help in specific areas of their lives.

Russian girl

- Looking awesome

Another priority that you can bet on is a Russian girl looks. Ladies in Russia are very womanish and feminine because they are expected to look like real women in Russian society. Let us clarify this more, it is undesirable and unacceptable to wear just a T-shirt and jeans with your hair wrapped in a bun and no makeup, when going out. When dating a Russian girl, you will note that she will look perfect in all occasions and we do mean all occasions … this includes even the occasional visit to the local supermarket for some toilet paper.

- Family

Of all the priorities a Russian girl has, the most significant would be her family. Her love and constant connection with her family members will definitely affect her career life, dating life, future marriage life and future family life. This can be too much for you but her family is that important to her but this works in your advantage if you are planning to marry a Russian girl. She will place as much significance and importance on your future family, you can be sure of that.

- Dating

Once you have decided on dating a Russian girl, you have to pour all of your attention to her – only her. And remember showing interest to other Russian girls while in the process of courtship is betrayal and cheating for her. So make sure that your a one woman man if you want to start dating with a Russian girl.

Is it good or bad?

How you view the difference of Russian girls may depend on your dating reason. All we’re saying is Russian girls make fantastic wives and amazing soul mates because of their differences. If you have the right approach or personality to value and compliment these differences, then you have got yourself a perfect lifelong marriage.

Russian girls

Quotes from the web:

- Been in moldova, russia and ukraine many times, had girl friends from all those countries... I find russians more nationalist not surprising they have a great history... ukrainian women are more beautiful than russians probably they have more slavic genes than russians.... ( russians have much more tatar, mongol genes inhereted from past)... russians close to baltic are as beautiful as ukrainians I think ( st.petersburg) ... as for moldova. romanian people more dominant, trans region ( bender)in moldova russian. origion you can see the difference roght away... genereally characters are the same I think... they like having fun, easy to approach and almost all young women have this look in their eyes which tells you i had a difficult life in my past, financially, personally as a turk I prefer Russian girls to turkish girls.... many more to tell if you are a western man visit those countries make girl friends... you will see the femininity in those women...

- The statement about the ratio of women to men in Russia is very true. Which puts women over 30 years old and single in a the situation of either staying in Russia and spending the rest of your life alone or leaving Russia to find a companion to spend your life with. Does my fiancee want to leave Russia? Well, you decide, she has seriously asked me if I would ever consider moving to Russia.

- I don't hate American girls. I just prefer foreign ones. On average, they are more approachable, less materialistic, and more fun than American girls. Depending on the country, they also tend to be more able to hold intellectual conversations (I love educated Brazilians and Poles for this one!). It isn't to say that all American girls are bad, it's just than, on average, it is far easier (at least 10x) to find a girl I connect with outside America than within it. I'm a big believer in the Daoist philosophy of taking the path of least resistance-why swim upstream, when you can swim downstream? It makes for a far less stressful and more fulfilling life when one goes about things this way.

- ‘The internet has opened up this sense of “Where do I stop?”?’ she says. ‘In previous generations, people met a partner and accepted they wouldn’t be perfect in every aspect, but internet dating is like a chocolate box that never stops giving.




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