How to overcome and survive the cultural differences in
marriage with a Russian woman

When foreign men plan to marry Russian women, they expect to find in their future wives not only a lover but a best friend also. Women with whom they can share their feelings, emotions, thoughts and opinions. In marriage any man is looking for a woman who will be able to understand his values, his likes and dislikes.

If a man and a woman are born and raised in the same country, most likely they are familiar with the same movies, jokes and life in general. They essentially have the same roots. In the case of a foreign man and Russian woman everything is more sophisticated and complicated which demands more understanding, endurance and patience from both spouses.

Russian women

On one hand a man and his Russian wife have the opportunity to learn much about the other’s traditions, customs, culture and life styles which can be very amusing and interesting. On the other, the failure and inability to understand your Russian woman excitements or frustrations can be very disappointing for her.

You should be patient and don’t become upset or frustrated. Keep in mind that your Russian wife has the same situation with you. You don t know her culture, customs and traditions. Moreover, she has her own memories and in actuality, for her, everything is much more difficult than it is for you.

Remember, you live in your own country where everybody can understand you. But your Russian spouse lives in totally unfamiliar and strange country, where she has nobody to share her emotions and feelings with, except you.

You should definitely do some research and learn about Russian culture, traditions and lifestyles ... the Internet will give you a good possibility to find everything you want.

What is important to remember that time and patience will help you overcome the cultural differences between you and your Russian woman.

If you know the rules in dating Russian women then certainly you would succeed in finding the right soul mate. Russian women are known for their beauty that leaves men fascinated. They are bought up to be domesticated and so loveable. If you are a single man, you would need to work hard in order to get their attention. This is mostly because of culture and customs. If you are a man and want to date a Russian girl, there are things that you need to know that would to the right way.

Russian woman

In order a Russian woman to escort you, you need to change your outlook and perspective. It means that you are dating a woman with a different background. Make sure that you have an open mind and you are willing to learn. Professional success and wealth is not what most Russian women look for in a man so rethink again. It is best if you go back to basics by being modest and humble. When you want to date a Russian woman, you need to be well groomed. This can make an impression. Shower them with flowers. Whether there is particular occasion or not, it is best to give them small gifts. This would help your relationship grow.

Russian women make effort to learn English and other languages as well. There are many dating and marriage websites that can help you meet and date Russian women. But remember to be patient because of the language barrier. A positive approach would definitely take you a long way.

Some difference between Western and Russian women

Western and Russian women have many things in common but, if you take a closer look, each one behaves very differently.

Body model

Western women (Particularly American) have different shapes and sizes. There are thin women, fat women, short women, tall women, etc. In Russia, it seems like the women have a identical natural body model … Tall, short, petite … but most are thin and fit.

Store and supermarket clothes

In Canada and the USA, it’s very common for women to dress how they want. In Russia, women dress up just to go to the store … high heels, mini-skirts, makeup, etc.

Lie and fake detecting

Russian women are like human lie detectors. They can see right through you, your flattery and your attempts to sweet talk your way out of any issue and trouble.


Western girls are all about woman power. Most of the time, it is very hard for them to admit that they need a man’s support and help. The opposite is to be said with Russian women. They are not completely dependent on men but they know that they need men’s support. This is because of strong gender roles in Russia.

Russian girl

Quotes from the web:

- If you want a Russian woman to feel attracted to you, then give her something to go on. You have to have confidence in what you can bring to a relationship, or else you won’t be able to get past the first date. Russian women don’t want a jerk, they like a good man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it.

- Searching for romance on dating sites, take your time and be patient. If you want to have a successful relationship with a Russian woman you should not rush things. Before investing money and time in your online search, make sure you can allow yourself enough time to establish a solid relationship. Starting your dating experience, do it for the right reasons. Unfortunately, some men get engaged in Russian dating for the wrong reasons. They look for a sexy and gorgeous looking Russian girl to make their ex jealous or their friends envious. Having this idea in your mind, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. If you want a true love and a faithful life companion, you should look for good attitudes and not a beautiful doll.

- While looking for Russian women for marriage online, do not fall in love with a photo. Yes, these women are very charming and beautiful, but it is important to remember that the true beauty of a woman is only skin deep.

- Just continue to be a gentleman and don't let the Western sluts turn you into a dog. A decent woman may notice you but you will have to talk to her. It’s hard to describe. It’s all about chemistry.





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