6 essentials on how to attract Russian women

Impressing Russian women is as simple as learning your ABCs. Some men would say that you have to be the master of this trade. But you can never master it if you will not try it. So what’s the secret in attracting Russian women? Check out these six important essentials on how to attract Russian women:

1- Look clean and smell nice

To attract Russian women is to smell really nice. Your pheromones do all the magic that will make Russian girls turn their heads on you. Russian ladies love men who are clean inside out. So be sure to check your hair for any embarrassing flakes, your nails for any dirt, and your clothes for anything that would mess your looks. Use a not very strong but still very musky scent that will surely impress Russian women even from a distance.

Russian women

2- The laws of attraction

The laws of attraction tells you that whatever you desire most in your heart and you kept on thinking about getting it, then the universe will conspire for you to really have it. Believe that you could get women and imagine yourself being with women. The more your feel that you will really make it then you really will. It is but natural for men and women to be attracted to each other as they were made for each other. But how would you know that she is the right person for you for a relationship? You don’t, because you will not know it until you have met her face to face and spoken with her. To be able to speak to her, you have to show to her that you are someone she will really like. How to impress Russian women with the laws of attraction is to simply mean - be confident, be natural and be yourself.

3- Never settle for less

Don’t be desperate in getting women. A Russian woman will think that you are not someone to be trusted since you will just settle for anyone who comes to you whom you don’t even have a liking with. If you feel that she’s the one, then go for her. Do not waste your time with someone with whom you do not make any connections with. It’s a big turn on for women knowing that you’re waiting for that right person.

4- Be a little rough

A nice man is a good man, but someone who is too nice is somebody whom women think who has another ulterior motive that will pose as a threat to them. So, don’t show too much sweetness to the woman if you are to attract women. To impress Russian women is to be a little rough and women will get really hot on that manliness. How to be rough and clean at the same time is a matter of your body language, the type of clothes you wear and the way you talk and look at the woman. Passion will surely come bursting into flames.

Russian girls

5- Do not reveal too much too soon

Being honest is fine, but sometimes, revealing so much of your emotions so soon will only end up in heartache. Get to know first the woman in the deeper level before you show what you really feel inside. You might never know that she already has somebody and you’ll be picking up your heart in the dumpster.

6- Flowers are great, make it a fresh

To attract Russian women is to shower them with gifts. It’s true that women like to be pampered every now and then. But when you do give them a flower, make sure it is something significant and not cheap. Russian women will know where you got that particular flower and a messy and limp bouquet of wilted flowers won’t get you anywhere near her. Keep in mind that not all Russian girls are materialistic, but sometimes, you have to show her what you feel in a way that she will keep on guessing. This will keep the mystery alive and she’ll run after you.

Important tip: Only buy her odd numbers of flowers and never give in even numbers. This can not be underestimated. When giving flowers to a Russian woman, never give them in even numbers. Giving flowers in even numbers is very rude because they are only used at funerals. Moreover, Russian women consider yellow flowers as funeral flowers, so don’t give these either.

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