Why are Russian women looking for foreign husbands?

This is one of the questions that very often appear in mind of men who start dating and communication with women from Russia. If Russian women have almost all qualities for an ideal wife why can they not find husbands in their Russia?

Every man and women has a certain mission and priority in this life, a calling they were born for. For Russian women traditionally this mission is being a wife and mother, nurturing, taking care of the family, and giving love thoroughly and unconditionally. It is surprising to a Russian woman to discover that women in Europe, USA and other countries seem to have other interests and longings in their lives. Sometimes their entire life is spent for career and it is often too late that they realize what is actually important.

Russian women

Even though many years have passed since Russian society has changed, many women in Russia are now successful business owners, developers, finance managers, politicians, etc, which are traditionally men pursuits. The reality is that a Russian woman can realize herself and as a result be really happy only as wife and mother. No business or other life and career achievements or accomplishments can replace that. That is why there is a time in every Russian woman’s life when she feels prepared to realize her inner potential.

We always ask our women members why you are looking for a man in another country? We receive different answers, but always can get the same outcome. Women want to be valued and appreciated. They need attention, love and care. They are looking for a true life partner, and for most of them it doesn’t matter whether their future husband would be Russian or not and overseas dating is one of the choices and options in their search.

Love and happy marriage, this is what every woman dreams about. Meeting her soul mate, get married, have a family and raising children. These are the words which are valuable and important for every Russian woman.

There are also some other facts. The biggest is that Russian women actually do not have much choice, due to a shortage of single men in Russia. It is very hard to find a decent partner there. If a woman is divorced, with a child, or lives in a small city, her chances are often nearly zero.

The scientific research informs us that the number of single women for one man has increased greatly for the past 25 years. There are different factors that influence this. Two major reasons are biology and economy. Russian men live 10-15 years less than men in other countries and work in more difficult conditions. A third of men in Russia do not live to age sixty. Due to bad habits such as drinking and smoking many men are in poor health by the age of 35-40, while in Europe for example this age is only the start for having a family. In certain age groups the ratio of men to women can be as low as 1:5. Russian men are in no hurry to get married, to have a family, to take on responsibilities, particularly during the economic crisis.

That is why Russian women find other opportunities, one of which are marriage services and dating sites. The women want to realize themselves in family life, they want to be loved, respected, they want to be safe and to be cared for. Russian woman believe that foreign men are the ones who will be husbands they dream about and loving father to their future children.

Russian women have much to offer to family-oriented men. Russian women have a dream of a responsible, loving and caring husband who would want to spend most of his time with the family, traveling, joking and laughing together. It is a dream for them that can come true.

Russian wife

Russian Women Facts

It is considered that a Russian Woman can become an ideal wife. That means being tender and loving to their husbands. They are caring and kind mothers to the children and good keepers of the home hearth. When a husband comes home in evening he finds his house clean, the food prepared for him and a gorgeous, beautiful and loving woman playing with children. Isn't it a dream? It happened to become a dream not only for foreign men but for Russian women also, since women in the USA, Canada and Europe became more oriented on the career and Russian men lost confidence in their capability to provide for the future family due to the difficult economic situation. Women are also hesitant about taking such serious step as starting a family, being anxious and insecure of the possibility to support their children with good living conditions and education.

You should know that even accommodation is a huge problem for young families in Russia. So it's natural that the interest of foreign men to Russian women has significantly increased during the last years. And those men that decide to look for a Russian wife get very fortunate because they manage to win the heart of slim, beautiful and good educated Russian women that are dreaming of stability, security and happy family life.

Russian women are proud of their femininity and know how to use it!

This is probably one of the main reasons foreign men like Russian women so much. They are tired of (always busy) career women who scoff at their own natural, feminine charms. Russian women know they have been endowed with great gifts, and they intend to use them. There is basically nothing better in life than when a Russian woman is trying her best to please you .. Enough said.




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