A Ukrainian or Russian woman in Love

Let us differentiate these conceptions: infatuation and love. Infatuation is an emotion, and love is a feeling. Emotion is a bright short-term experience. Infatuation is a state, based on soul and sexual aspirations. Feeling is a relation of a person, which is notable for its stability, and penetration into depth of a soul. Love is a stable feeling, specified mainly with deep, long experiences.

Let’s talk a little about love.

Love is a state of spiritual and physical intimacy and trust. In order to achieve it, just a sight or sympathy for a second is not enough. It takes months or even years. Only when a person doesn’t have any one even smallest doubt in his/her beloved, and is sure that he/she is that special person, he/she can say those three words sincerely «I love you».

Ukrainian woman

Signs of love in a Ukrainian and Russian woman

They are strictly divided into primary and secondary signs. It’s firstly a wish to beautify oneself with all possible means. If, for instance, a young lady has little make-up, she is tired and isn’t ready for anything, and if she has all colors of an Indian, she is ready almost for everything, especially for something not very good. And now concerning more emotional secondary signs. Young girls have a frequent change of mood on the verge of merriment and hysteric, heightened perspiring, and for unknown reasons, a constant wish to watch the time every minute.

So, when a Russian and Ukrainian woman is in love…

She changes greatly: both in her inner world and in her look. Flames of love appear in her eyes what makes them shine brightly like a sun in summer…

The woman herself looks like an angel at this period: very innocent, childish, absent-minded, open-minded and on contrary very mysterious. She blossoms like a spring tree and one can see this strong real feeling in her eyes, her manner of talk, walk, gestures.

Ukrainian woman

Because of her absent-mindedness this woman is told to be crazy sometimes… She often forgets what she wants to say, to do. If she works, she usually cannot concentrate properly at her plans and fulfillment of her duties. She gets a look of a dreamy woman, who is more likely to be in heaven, than on the Earth.

But at the same time while her heart beats very fast, more often she finds herself insecure of something. She can feel very scared to lose her object of love. Even understanding that it’s impossible to lose her man (because his feeling for her is equally strong and real) she thinks of some bad sad points which can take place in their relations. When her special man doesn’t call her for a long time or is silent in sending messages during several hours, she used to count each hour, minute and second and finds herself obsessed with very strange thoughts: “maybe he forgot about me”, “maybe he met another woman”, “maybe he lost his feeling for me, or starts to lose it”, “maybe something happened to him” and etc…

When a woman is not aware of anything what happens to her man, while he is silent, she can be in a state of panic, becomes nervous, stressed, worried and is annoyed with anything or anybody surrounding her at these moments. She starts to close in herself, trying to stay alone with her obsessive thoughts in her inner “shell”.

Russian woman

Very often these thoughts are unreasonable at all, but the woman calms down only the moment when her loved man appears again and lets her know what happens…

Maybe a woman is very childish in it, becomes like a little girl, sometimes finds herself very silly, even if she is quite intelligent, but any way she feels happy in her love, even if it is a real disaster… Even when she doesn’t know what can happen later.

She can never forget any of the moments which she experiences while she is in love.

If a Russian or a Ukrainian woman is in love be sure that is forever…

This article was written by Irina Fulgencio (Our old member). She lives currently with her husband in Spain.




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