Searching for a Ukrainian wife

Whatever brought you to this decision … to find a Ukrainian wife; it is very important to learn what waters you are going to enter. You better build up your own plan and strategy in advance. It goes without saying that, in order to find the ideal future wife. You yourself should also be an ideal match for her. We are going to try and give you some good advice concerning how it is the best to proceed when looking for a Ukrainian woman. It is based on real and practical experiences of some of our members, but never jump into derivations and conclusions first see whether she fits your requirements.

First of all, forget what some dating sites propagation about a marriage with Ukrainian women. Keep in mind you will not find a future wife who is 30 years younger than you in Ukraine and will never be able to establish a long-lasting relationship that will leads to marriage. Such marriages end up in shambles usually within the first three or four years, which is enough time to obtain the citizenship or the Green Card. Nevertheless, most Ukrainian women are not so desperate to find a husband overseas, they are looking mainly for a flame of love, affection and serious relationship.

Ukrainian wife

Generally, women from Ukraine are in search of nice, healthy and financially secured men. Not a single Ukrainian girl is dreaming about marrying a jobless ugly man who just happens to possess the Canadian, German or American passport.

The capitalism settled in Ukraine many years ago. 25 years ago it was possible for a 65 years old European or American man to find a very young and beautiful Ukrainian lady for marriage, but at present it will not work. So, if your are a very tempered man who is 60-65 years old, we will advice you to look for a future Ukrainian wife who is in her fifties or even forties no less. We suggest you find a legitimate and decent marriage agency or a dating site that will offer you such possibility. You may not agree with this reality but we assure you that your German or Australian passport will no longer be enough to win or conquer the heart of an Ukrainian beautiful woman.

Ukrainian wives: The two most important factors

Security and love are the two points that zoom in when it comes to meeting Ukrainian women for a long-term relationship and possible marriage. With love, of course, comes understanding and support. Financial stability and security is also one of the factors that should be available.

Certainly, it does not mean that you should necessarily drive an expensive car and live in a castle. If you have a stable and good paying job, you are definitely ready to start searching for a Ukrainian wife. When corresponding with a Ukrainian woman try to be respectful and never push things ahead with urgency, remember it is not a business transaction you are after. Having a stable job and income will also be of a big advantage to you when it comes to the paper works needed to bringing your fiancée to your country.

If you are considering finding a Ukrainian wife, you should also remember that you will need to be devoted to her. Ukrainian girls were brought up following specific principles, and they will want their future husband fit these principles that were indoctrinated into them since they were young girls.

Ukrainian wife

So how to attract a Ukrainian woman who will be your future wife?

Subscribing with marriage/dating agency is simple, but getting women to answer your mails can be a little challenging. Remember that your main goal is to come across as confident without seeming desperate or aggressive. Try to show yourself as an calm, friendly and nice man who is looking for a serious relationship and marriage.

When contacting a woman avoid inflating your good qualities or you will seem cocky and arrogant. Bragging about your wealth, money or cars might attract some women, but it will definitely set off alarm bells for most of them. Keep it as simple as possible and talk about the good qualities of your character and personality rather than your possessions and properties. Do this by saying what you are looking for in a wife. Focus on qualities such as kindliness, loyalty, sympathy or an admiration for the simple things in life.

When sending them your photos avoid pictures that make you seem unintelligent or arrogant. Don't send them picture of you wearing sunglasses. Let them see your face and eyes.

At the first stage of your communication don't get very personal as Ukrainian women are on the lookout for predators. In your early emails, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp sessions, don't ask too many private questions. Begin with common and general questions such as "What sorts of things do you like to do on your free time?" Use her answer as a way to start a sincere and genuine dialogue. For example, if she answers that she likes to go to cinema, show her what you have in common by talking about movies you recently watched.

Me funny and humorous as Ukrainian women are wary of men who are too serious or seem to desperate. You can joke about your drawbacks and flaws without being self-deprecating. Being able to talk about your failings and weaknesses will in fact make you seem more self-assured and confident than a man who has to brag about his merits and virtues.

Be sincere and keep away from trying to match your interests to what you think a woman is looking for. Instead, tell her what makes you happy, what kind of things and activities you like and what interests you most in life. If you are honest, your sincerity will come across. Any Ukrainian woman will appreciate your honesty.


Quotes from the web:

- Ukrainian women are a bit slow to commit but once they committed they are 100% committed to their husband and children. When I left Ukraine, my Ukrainian girlfriend was not yet my wife because she could not deal with the idea of leaving Ukraine. But when she decided she to marry me in her eyes there was no looking back.

- Men who seek foreign wives find Ukrainian women more marriage minded and feminine than Western women.

- I believe that Ukrainian women like to have foreign husbands. It might sound strange but this is the reality. If the Ukrainian women's are looking for traditional and conservative values and look forward to having families they might find many Ukrainian men as well. Then what is that attracts Ukrainian women's to foreign men. Ukrainian women usually complain that Ukrainian men are too much laid back and are not ready to hold the responsibility of having a wife and children. It is seen that Ukrainian women are more attracted to European, American and even Mexican men as they give family the main priority and many Ukrainian women find dating with foreigners more wise.

- If a man hopes to meet his future wife on the Internet there is no advantage of him to lie about anything, in the end the truth will come out. It's better to be honest, open and upfront about everything to begin with. I don't lie and wouldn't welcome it if I was talking to a woman that was just feeding me lies.




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