The 11 reasons why you need to try dating a Russian woman

Finding love isn’t always as easy as movies would like us to believe. Actually, your experiences dating women in your country might have turned you off of the idea of marriage altogether. But prior to you throw in the towel; give a Russian dating a try. Opening yourself up to dating Russian women gives you a chance to connect with amazing women you had never meet before. Here are reasons why dating a Russian woman is worth your time:

1- You will be able to meet many potential brides, so there is no reason you should be limited to the women who live in your city and country. Dating with Russian women will open up the world, allowing you to contact and meet incredible women you had never run into in your country. As your number of potential brides grows, so will your opportunities of finding a woman perfect for you.

2- You will have a chance to explore a different culture: The Russian women you will meet come from a different country, have different experiences than you, and speak different language. Communicating with them allows you to explore this culture with them, and have the joy of seeing your own culture through their eyes.

3- The art of attracting men is more developed in Russian culture, and flirtatious behavior is usually viewed positively.

Russian women

4- You will meet women interested in what you love: If you are thinking about giving a Russian dating a try, you are most likely fine with a little bit of adventure. So are the Russian women you will contact on dating sites. You will both be thrilled and excited to explore and learn more about each other, starting your relationship off with a solid and strong connection.

5- You will find women with different personalities than at home: Russian culture has different ideas of femininity than what is common in other countries especially in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. Dating with a Russian woman gives you a possibility to connect with ladies of very different personalities than what you might find at home.

6- You will get to know each other completely: Ever hear of the idiom “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?. Dating a Russian girl on the Internet gives you a possibility to start a relationship slowly, getting to know and maybe fall in love with her even before your first face to face meeting.

7- Russian women probably identify less with their careers and generally do not feel an imperative need to be independent from men. Most Russian women are more happy and comfortable with typically female roles and do not need to compete with men or even outdo them to feel empowered.

8- Russia lacks most of the gender role paranoia and confusion about sexual harassment that has become characteristic in western countries. Displaying sexuality and femininity is viewed positively in Russia.

Russian women

9- Russia is full of beautiful and caring women who are seeking marriage, want to build a serious relationship and start a family. So Russian dating allows you to start contacting women who want what you want: a serious relationship based on love, respect and faithfulness.

10- Russian women love men. Yes, you read it right … Russian ladies love men indeed. Russian girls usually want to marry anyone who will take them in marriage. They want to start their own family. They dream of having children. And the men from other parts of the world for Russian girls are in high esteem, though Russian men lately strengthened their reputation a little bit. When choosing a future wife, a Russian woman, knowingly or not chooses someone who can bring her security and stability. She is conquered by qualities such as responsibility, success, caring, serious attitude towards marriage.

Moreover, Russian girls do not live in reality, but some kind of fairy tale. And this tale is standard: there lived a beautiful princess; brave prince on a white horse came to her; they raced off together into wonderful overseas country, a land flowing with milk and honey.

11- Russian women adores their children and family. The woman is first and foremost a mother and a wife. A Russian woman has historically been considered the keeper of the hearth. This notion and concept includes not only housekeeping, but also the moral support of her children and husband.

Some facts

Age Difference

An issue that causes a lot of arguments is the problem of age difference. We can't say that all the Russian women share the same position to the difference in age with their future husband. But there are many Russian girls seeking a husband, able to provide a good life level and education to future kids and who could be a bread-winner in case of need (not all Russian women can find an sitable job without experience of living in a foreign country and without language knowledge). A lot of men from USA, Spain, Canada and other countries that are above 40 match this ideal completely. However it's not advisable to waste your time on communicating with young Russian women who are 25 years younger than you. Doubtless they will be interested in the beginning but than they will probably understand that you have too little in common. Yet if you are prepared and willing to keep on trying than you have got a opportunity to make things work for you. However, isn't it better to search for a woman who is a little older but looks no worse than a girl but who is got rich inner world and life experience who will genuinely perfect and cherish your relationships?.

Russian women in bed

Russian women in bed

Foreign men are often interested how are Russian women in bed. Such a branched question could not be given just one or two answers. Many men, many different opinions. This is something that has to be discovered more deeply than in just a few sentences. How good Russian women is in bed depends also on how good the man is, because if he is active and possess good fantasy, that could surely assist even the unwieldy and quietest woman be active and full of energy, or at least behave in such a way. An on the opposite, if man is incapable of satisfying woman in bed, he may say in his justification and excuse that she is cold or bad in bed. So as we see, this issue is much vivid and concerns not only Russian women and their relationships, it has to deal with both partners.




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