Overcoming cultural differences

Don't let misconceptions stand in your way!

If after all you decided to thwart the search of your ideal bride to Ukraine, you have to be aware of some cultural differences. You may be concerned about possible homesickness after your Ukrainian wife will have moved to your country.

Let us start with the cultural differences. Now, don't be taken aback: the main source of differences is you yourself! You have to understand this in order to get rid of the following false assumptions:

I am a very average Portuguese man, why would a beautiful Ukrainian woman care for me?

I am 50 years old and that is maybe far too old for her…

I am not rich, so a Ukrainian woman will not want me

I an divorced and have children, that is not what Ukrainian women are looking for…

I live in a very small city; no Ukrainian woman will be interested living there

If you share some of the above delusions and misconceptions, continue reading both with your heart and eyes.


Ukrainian women seek understanding, respect and financial stability. They would definitely not be interested in marrying a sophomore student or a jobless man. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a wealthy man. A reasonably comfortable living that most stable jobs provide would meet their expectations. It at least would be a better living standard than that she might expect marrying in Ukraine. However, you have to understand that starting a relationship with an intention of marriage will cost you money. You will have to face expenses such as occasional gifts, visit to Ukraine, fiancée visa and marriage later on.

Ukrainian women are clever and understand very well that what they seek rarely comes with the men in their early twenties, so do not worry too much about the age difference of up to 15 years. If you are over 50 and are interested in marrying a 25 years old Ukrainian girl your chances become small but not hopeless. Your look is also important to some degree. Ukrainian women are not after a movie star, so it is not about your good looking. It is more about your politeness and decency. A Ukrainian woman appreciates an elegance and clean appearance. Do not send her your photos where you look messy or unshaven, that would not be good for the relationship you want to build up.

Being divorced is not that important at all. Having children is not an obstacle either. What is more, if you were raising children as a single father, your Ukrainian wife would devotedly do her best to become a caring mother to your kids. In this way, she would expect you to act the same to her child if she has one. Still, Ukrainian women believe that mutual children are the corner stones of a stable family, so be ready that your Ukrainian wife would be eager to bear a child for you. If you do not plan to have children, make it clear from the very start of your relationship to avoid her disappointments. Keep in mind Ukrainian women are jealous, so she would possibly not be happy if you keep close relations with you ex-wife, having family dinners with your ex-wife would not be a good idea for your Ukrainian wife.

Living in a small city or village may be a drawback in the eyes of a young lady coming from a big Ukrainian city like Kiev (Kyiv). But as most women in our agency come from smaller Ukrainian cities, they will fit in your environment perfectly. No doubt, they would expect to have some social life as your wife, be introduced to your friends, relatives and neighbors, enjoy some entertainment with you, and have a chance to see larger cities in your country … and that is very normal, isn't it?

Ukrainian girl

Understanding your Ukrainian woman

So you have found your ideal woman. There is certainly chemistry between the two of you. She is clever, nice, warm, down to earth, beautiful … simply, she is perfect.

Here comes the bigger challenge for you … keeping her. By now you have maybe gone through a number of dating sites and marriage agencies. Don’t let your achievement and efforts go to waste. Make sure that your love is a keeper.

So what to do

Leave behind anything you learned from dating sites you joined before. Once you are together, it is up to the both of you to work on your compatibility. Start all over and discover everything about her again as if you have never communicated with her before.

Don’t compare her to other women you contacted before. Be aware of the fact that that she is her own unique self. There might be stuffs about her that you may find unusual or different. But just relax and you may in fact recognize that these are the stuffs you miss the most when she is not with you.

Know a little about Ukraine history. Remember your Ukrainian woman opinion, attitude, outlook and thinking are shaped by the difficulties, hardships and experiences her people and Ukraine have had in the past and you will be able to know why she thinks the way that she does.

If you understand the Ukrainian traditions that your woman grew up in, you will be able to find out the things she would find good, interesting, bad or unpleasant. Keep in mind that some Ukrainian women are old-fashioned and conservative; accordingly do not easily open up about delicate and sensitive subjects such as sex for example. If you are sensitive about this, then any Ukrainian woman will appreciate you more.

Try to learn some words and phrases in Ukrainian language, at least some words like (thank you), (Hello) (How are you) or of course (I love you). This will show that you are willing to do simple and nice things for her. This also shows that you are prepared for a committed and serious relationship.

Stick to your woman. This is maybe the top advice for you. There is no justification for dishonesty and cheating. Cheaters are not worthy to be forgiven and excused. Ukrainian women, like other women around the world value faithfulness and honesty above everything else. Without sincerity and honesty there can be no trust, without trust, there can be no relationship, love and … marriage.

Ukrainian woman

Quotes from the web:

- I have the utmost respect for Ukrainian women as they seem to be very disciplined and polite ladies and they have their feet on the ground.

- I am Ukrainian woman and I just like it for a man to be himself.. he should be funny... caring.. gentle.. knows how to treat a woman.. can make her smile and laugh whenever she's upset.. can make her feel protected and just have a good personality.

- Men who think that Ukrainian women turn to prostitution because they are poor have obviously never been to Ukraine. Ukraine is not some piss pot second world country as may in Europe and America choose to believe!!!

- It is fairly usual for Ukrainian women to get married at 18 or round that age. The purpose is that Ukrainian teenagers are somewhat extra mature. No, I do not need to offend anyone or say that Ukrainian are better, they don't seem to be. It is simply the tough living conditions in Ukraine that make them grow rapid in social manner or adapt.




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