Is this Russian woman for real?

If meeting women at the local coffee shop, bar, retail store, public transportation, yoga class or gym isn’t for you, you might try to meet women on the Internet where there's no hanging around checking out if a woman is single and who is in a relationship or already married. You also aren't limited to tapping into the local dating site to meet a suitable woman. You just need to know on what Russian dating site to look and how to approach Russian women according to your preferences and theirs.

There is much to be said for the anonymity online when it comes to dating Russian women. But it also has to be said that, on some occasion, you can not believe and trust a particularly woman dating profile on a free dating site or even the nice emails you receive from her. How do you deal with a Russian woman who is bending the reality and truth more than a little? And how big is the actual risk of being scammed and cheated on the Internet?

You might have heard men saying things like: “If Russian women are so beautiful, why do they need to advertise themselves on dating sites?”

Real Russian woman

Is it all a con and fake?

There’s no getting away from it. Some Russian women do lie on their profiles. One survey suggested that, when using free dating services, 80% of women neglected to tell the truth and nothing but the real truth on at least one occasion. But it’s worth examining things a bit more about why some Russian women telling lies?

Free dating sites and facebook are often places for suggestive banter where the literal truth can be taken rather lightly, but you are far less likely to get cheated and taken for a ride on a very serious form. There, any lies will possibly be harmless and inoffensive. However these lies don’t stop some men from their desire to find a woman for serious relationship. Women who completely invent their profiles and personals advertisements are few and far between on Russian dating sites and their cover tends to get blown very quickly. However, don’t let these cases and concerns prevent you from trying to find a real serious and marriage minded Russian woman. After all, some women would be completely capable of coming out with lies to you at a gym, party or in a bar, and there you don’t have the real protection of anonymity.

Spotting a scam

How do you spot a scam? It is fine to start off by assuming a woman is honest, but you should keep an eye open for anything that doesn’t ring true in her emails, over Skype or phone. On the Internet, all you know is what she has told you, so make sure to keep your intuition and instincts tuned on to snap up any scam and bogus signs.

Forget the rose-tinted spectacles

If you’ve started some kind of relationship with a Russian woman and she doesn’t want you to visit her in Russia, then that suggests she has something to hide. Certainly, there might be justifiable reasons for her behavior, though this shouldn’t stop you from asking her some questions, but not in an accusing way. Pay attention to what kind of reactions do you get to your questions? Are they ignored, dismissed with unclear statements like “Don’t you trust me” or maybe dismissed in dramatic terms with outbursts like: “Our relationship has to be based on trust”.

Scammers tend to play the card of sexual enticement, yet only play with your feelings.

Unfortunately if everything with her seems too good to be true, that might just be the case. Take time to see her in a number of everyday situations. If you are uncertain about something, but you don’t quite know why, it could help to discuss the situation with the dating site customer service.

Got you!

You clearly can’t trust a Russian woman who pretends she is looking for a serious relationship and marriage, but is, in reality, just looking for a ‘bit on the side’. Scammers can also give themselves away by making over claims on their professional status - a Doctor who is in fact an simple nurse, for example. Everyone has probably considered doing that kind of thing. But liars are skating on thin ice.

Remember finding a real love with a Russian woman is always hard if it wasn't it wouldn't be as rewarding as when you finally did find that honest woman. You just don’t give up and continue your search she is out there.



- Take the initiative. Call it old-fashioned, call it sexist, but Russian women expect men to control. If they don’t know where to go for dinner, you need to be able to make a decision. Russian women expect you to pay.

- Be kind. Not too kind, because for example, if you start crying when a Russian woman cry, it will make her feel ill-at-ease. Russian women expect men to be real men. However, Russian women find gentleness and kindness extremely sexy. Because, truly, these women want to feel special in men’s company, and that is what kindness does for men.

- Just be yourself. Because you want a woman who will accept you the way you are.

- One of the biggest mistakes men make when trying to get a Russian woman is that they try to start the relationship. This is a big mistake. Russian women, on the other hand, really value safety, security, and comfort. This is why they should be the one who initiates the relationship.




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