Free and paid Russian dating sites

- Are you sick and tired of the terrifying dating scene in your country? Does it seem like a no-win scenario where all points and factors are against you?

- Do you wonder why every woman in your country seems to be either taken, too picky or too overweight? Where are all the decent women?

- Would you rather to meet one woman every few years, or many women everyday and so can decide who suites you more?


The great power that comes as a big need to be loved, will cause you to search on many free and paid dating sites for a serious relationship. Nowadays you have too many options and, you do not have to suffer so much in search for a decent woman. It is very simple when you visit free or paid Russian dating sites. This is the first step to having your dream woman. You will be demanded to take some steps, at least to understand if this Russian dating site legitimate and provides a quality service or not for their clients. This is very important because some free and even paid Russian dating sites have become an avenue or a mainstay for many types of scam and fraud. You can never get rid of the lurking risk completely but, you can take some measures and steps to guarantee that you are on the safer side.

You might not have time to visit and check all the paid and free Russian dating sites. But, you can filter your search by finding out which sites are rated as top. Google will reveal this. There are sites which are rated as top 10 or 20. However, this doesn’t mean that they are good enough for you. This is in regard to the fact that there are hundreds of Russian dating sites to choose from. The other thing that is important to take into consideration is the amount of money you are required to pay for the membership on the paid sites. On other hand many free Russian dating sites indicate that they will not charge you any fees. DO NOT be naive in this. Find out whether there are any hidden fees that you need to be aware of. Usually when you sign up with free dating sites, they will later ask you for a fee that is not in any formal agreement. Most men find that the only free of charge feature on free Russian dating site are free profile browsing!

A legitimate and good paid dating site will ensure that you get the service you deserve. However, do not be in a hurry to sign up, contact the site ask them questions and check their members support system.


Some tips on how to approach women on Russian dating sites

Since the dawn of mankind, the tempting force that leads men toward women has been undoubted in our composition. Some men find it easier than others to contact women and start conversation, break the ice and move on to the next step. Still others find it difficult, awkward and simply need some help in learning how to approach Russian women. If you're one of those men, don't get down and don't be upset because the following will be a lift to your spirit and will get you up and going in no time toward learning how to approach Russian women.

Ask yourself, what your best qualities might be, whether it's your hair, your physique, your clothes or maybe your ability to talk about a specific subject. There must be something you can draw on from your personal collection about you. If you can't think of a single subject, then perhaps you need to develop something from scratch. Think about what you'd like to develop and start working on that feature of your personal appearance and your first impression.

First impressions are big because usually you only have that first shot when you contact a Russian woman on a dating site. If you blow it, then it's over and chances you will not get a response is big. This is why you need to have some kind of preparation about you, whether it's just your writing style or a certain dialogue you can kick off. What is most important, you need to learn to relax.

Showing confidence is what wins the Russian woman. Even if you're a geek in your own skin, if you're confident about your sense of humor or your other qualities, then the Russian woman will response to you. When talking to her over the phone don't get worried, nervous and weird with this energy because she'll pick up on it and stop the communication. Remember you are the hunter, but in a casual and calm way.

The keys to remember when learning how to contact and talk to Russian women are confidence, knowing what your strengths are and building on them, learning to play the numbers and not worrying too much about blowing it with your first contact and not giving up but getting back on the horse and trying again. Remember honesty and sincerity will always win out and a Russian woman will know if you are genuine or if you are a liar. Put these things together and you will definitely be a Russian women’s man.


Quotes from the web:

- Are paid Russian dating sites better than free ones? (Better) is relative. You most likely have a chance of getting less spam on paid sites, but that's just one portion of the equation. Free sites might skew younger women or have more members, while paid sites might contain more women who are seeking serious relationship.

- In many ways, Russian dating sites are great way to meet amazing women, but it’s such a whirlwind of highs and lows,’ My Russian wife says. ‘I have met some lovely men, but I have also met many who lied about themselves and their intentions.

- Most men who seek Russian brides are middle-aged or older, and young Russian women tend to be more open minded about marrying an older man compared to European and American women. They tend to believe that older men treat their women better than young men do. For better or for worse, most men prefer beautiful Russian women, and most men find younger women more beautiful. A middle-aged man can easily find a young and beautiful Russian woman much easier than in his home country.

- The dating websites ask for your preferences on weight, height, hair colour, even eye colour, etc. In the real world, a woman is a package and you might not notice her eye colour, but on a dating site you cross off women for the most base physical reasons.

- POF = Plenty of Failure

- "Not Christian Mingle; the second I turned off the recurring payments, they shut me down till I turned it back on, and I finally cancelled them the day my subscription was set to renew. Not very Christian of them."

- Been on OKCupid for not even an hour. Every girl is (pansexual), has dyed hair, goes to university and has some text like 'If you don’t like me you are woman-hater on her profile.

- Good Russian dating websites will most likely charge you a fee because you get what you pay for. Some allow an initial free brief view of profiles but more details require payment. Expect this and expect better quality as a result (if not, be sure to let the site know).




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