10 gifts a Russian or Ukrainian woman is guaranteed to like

Choosing a gift for a woman always causes a headache in any man. If you are dating a Russian or a Ukrainian woman, you may think it is even harder to please someone whose background you know very little about. However, rest assured that like many other women, Russian women don’t always know what they really want to receive as a gift. The secret is: anything is better than nothing. That is why doesn’t waste time justifying your inability to buy a present by the lack of knowledge about what she wants. In many cases if you simply put your thought into any ordinary gift and show that you care about her, she will be happy with your choice. However, if you do not have a single idea about what gift to buy, look through the following list of 10 gifts a Russian woman is guaranteed to like:

Woman in lingerie

1. A necklace

Good jewelry in general is an ideal present for those who want to show the woman that they want to have a steady lasting relationship.

2. Soft toys

Any woman enjoyed those when she was a kid. A cute teddy bear or a soft toy elephant is a good gift for those who have just started dating and have very romantic feelings for each other.

3. Flowers

If you are dating a Ukrainian or Russian woman, leave behind any claims that flowers is an impractical gift because they whither and do not last forever. Most gifts do not last forever, but flowers leave memories that she will have for all of her life.

4. Lingerie

It is a very good gift for sexually involved couples. Beautiful lingerie is something both of you will enjoy. However, be very careful - if you haven’t had any sexual experience with the woman, this gift can become the last one you’ll ever give her.

5. A pet

This gift brings a lot of promise into a relationship. For women it is almost like saying “I want to marry you, have a family and spend the rest of my life by your side”. You should always make sure she wanted and can have a pet before giving her a puppy or a kitten.

6. A poem

If writing poems is something you enjoy and are good at, consider dedicating her one. In Ukraine or Russia it is very common among teenagers to write poems and dedicate them to those they have a crush on. That is why this gift will most likely make her smile. Make sure to write it on a card and put it in an envelope. That way she can keep it forever, and will not accidentally throw it away with other papers lying around.

7. A vacation

Any Russian woman will appreciate this gift. A surprise vacation for the two of you in a romantic place will always be remembered.

8. Tickets

If you learn about the bands she likes, shows she watches and artists she enjoys, you can always keep track of concerts, shows, and exhibitions she may be interested in.

9. A romantic night

One of the ways to ignite passions in a Russian woman is to give her a romantic night. Make sure she is the center of your attention all evening. Take her out to eat and dance a lot. And even if you have a place to stay, rent a hotel room with a bathtub in an unfamiliar part of town, where you can go for a walk, return to your room and drink champagne with strawberries till sunrise.

10. A ring

If the relationship is strong and lasting and you can’t live without your Russian or Ukrainian princess, it may be a good time to give her a ring, your heart and your life.




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