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- I doubt if your ladies will be interested in me...

You never know until you try!

- Are your ladies still available?

All female members are asked to inform us when they no longer consider themselves available so we could cancel their listings. Every week we receive 10-20 requests from women to remove their contact details because they have found somebody they like
We do our best to keep the database up to date, sending ladies confirmations by email, and ask them to inform us when they don't want to receive new letters. We also regularly send emails to all women in our database asking them if they are still available and if there was not any changes to their personal or contact details. However, some ladies may neglect or postpone to inform us. If you find out that one of our ladies is no longer available, please email us at

- I’ve seen the profiles of some of your ladies on other sites, how can they be genuine?

It would be unfair to ask a lady to be solely represented by our agency. A lady who has decided she will follow this route will try to optimize her situation by making her picture and profile available to any Agency who will publicize her. No-one has a monopoly on this; take a look on other singles or dating sites.

- What is this site about?

This site is about men and Russian women who are looking to meet and correspond with the possibility of finding a loving relationship together. The ladies we list are from Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) which were at one time a part of the USSR. We provide these ladies with a place to show their pictures and information at no cost to them.

- Are these girls for real?

Yes, all the girls on this site are actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. We ask all of our ladies, on a regular basis, if they wish to be removed from our database so we only list the girls who are actively looking for a partner.

- Why should I seek a Russian or Ukrainian lady for my future wife?

Because they are very traditional, caring, sexy, loving, and loyal in their views of love and marriage. There are no equals to Russian ladies for faithfulness and loyalty. They stand proudly in times of hardship, and will devote their love and trust to you for a lifetime. They do not have the same attitudes toward men as most Western women. Their idea of the perfect man is someone with a stable job who is not an alcoholic and will love them and be faithful to them. Looks, income, age and material things are not so important to them.

As you can see by viewing the personal ads on this site, some of the most beautiful women in the world live in Russia. Russian women are extremely realistic and practical in their expectations for life. They consider good traditional family values as being very important when choosing a partner for a lasting relationship. These beautiful women are well educated and seek men who are 10 to 15 years older than they are. They believe that older men are more mature, stable, supportive, and reliable for providing a strong foundation to build a lasting relationship on.

- Why Russian women seek husbands abroad?

If you ask women this question, the answers will be:
- I want my children to be happy and have a secure future, and it's impossible with the current situation in Russia.
- There are not enough men in Russia to find a partner.
- Russian men are terrible.

All the statements are true to a greater extent. But at the same time none of them gives you a real reason. The real and fundamental reason why women look for a life partner abroad is that they are not happy in their love life. It's that simple!

A married woman, even if she is struggling with everyday surviving and not happy with Russian family model, won't divorce to look for a foreign husband.

Russian women want to love and be loved. Security and a better life go as a part of the package. Unfortunately, for most Russian women, the choices in Russia are quite poor. With the collapse of the Russian government and economy, most men do not work, or if they do they earn a very poor wage. The high rate of unemployment and alcoholism among Russian men also makes the women look elsewhere for good husbands. Moving to another part of the world is not an easy decision for them. They do not wish to leave their country but having a family is very important to them so they decide that if they can find a good husband elsewhere then they are willing to move to a different country.

These ladies are marriage-minded, highly educated, loyal, intelligent, beautiful, loving, single women seeking correspondence, friendship, love, and marriage. They have decided to leave the only life they know in order to build a new life with the right man.

They wait for their hopes and dreams to come true. To find a kind, caring man to love and create a loving happy family. If you are you looking for a lifetime partner? If you are ready to begin the most exciting adventure you will ever experience? Russian & Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful, devoted and faithful ladies in the world.

- I have sent a letter to a lady I really liked, but she didn’t answer to me, and I don’t know if I should give up or try again?

First of all you have to remember that Internet at home is still a luxury thing for many Russians, so give her at least 3-4 days to answer to you. If you didn’t get an answer, try to send a small message – just do double check if she got your first letter - it could happen that letter was lost by an Internet provider and she didn’t have idea that you wrote to her.

- Are Russian women's personalities different from Western women?

Yes, they are a bit different. They don't have a different type of character, and they also love shopping and chatting. They are human beings and they are definitely not perfect. The main difference is that they are much more patient and can tolerate things that Western women will never be able to bear. They are more considerate and dependable. They are partners, not competitors.

Another important difference is that Russian women (and Russians in general) have very low self-esteem. While Western women think that they are goddesses and able to cope with anything on their own, a Russian woman will rarely leave a bad (really bad) husband because of the fear that she won't find another one. For many years the state and men have been oppressing them, and they don't think much about themselves.

In Russia there is a shortage of good men available for marriage. This is due to a higher death rate among Russian men, these men have one of the lowest life expectancies rates of any developed country. Also due to the poor economic situation in Russia many men do not want the added responsibility of a wife and family and can not support them.

Western men have a reputation for treating their wives and family very well, they are viewed as being more loyal, reliable, sober, and intelligent than most Russian men.

Russian women are well groomed, stylish and intelligent (as are Russians in general) but they pay much less attention to sport and other aspects of healthy life-style. Nevertheless, they are rarely overweight - probably, because of permanent stress and food that is expensive. And they still walk a lot because they don't have cars.

- Are Russian women interested in living in any other countries apart from America?

Many women are interested in particular countries like Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France, England, Australia, Canada and others. Usually the reason for that are family members or friends who are staying there.

Actually, very few women would like to go only to the US, most of them don't mind about a country if it's the right man.

- I would like to write to some Russian ladies but I am not out to look for a wife immediately, rather a friend first and then see what happens. Do ladies expect more?

You can state clearly from the very beginning that you are interested in establishing friendship first. The majority of the women seeking partners do expect more, but if they decide to keep contact with you, it will mean that they accept your position.

There is nothing wrong with your position, and if you don't feel ready for starting a long term relationship right now, you may try to start with friendship. Beware though, that a lady can accept somebody else's offer, even if she really likes you, just because she is not sure about your intentions.

- Can Russian women speak English?

Most of the ladies who apply to dating agencies can at least read and understand English. About 25% can speak some English, and probably 10% speak English well. In bigger cities like Moscow and St Petersburg.

- What kind of a sense of humor do Russian women generally have? Do they laugh a lot or very little?

Russians have a great sense of humor, otherwise they won't be able to survive in this country. They laugh about things instead of complaining.
Though they smile very little it the streets and in everyday life, it's not because they have no sense of humor, but because they do not usually smile without a reason. If you meet somebody's sight, she will usually just look back but never smile, as in Russia it's not appropriate to smile to strangers.

The sense of humor they have is also different. Russians prefer very fine type of jokes, with indirect humor that westerners would describe as dry. Russians do not find it funny when somebody falls or the like, and they consider many western comedies being silly. Loud laughing at background in sitcoms they find irritating and stupid. When somebody makes a joke or tells a funny story, he will usually do it with very serious expression on the face, and he will spoil everything if laughs with others.

- Is there a considerable difference between Russian and other women of the former Soviet Union - for example, Ukrainian or Belarus?

There are some particular cultural differences between women from different countries of the former Soviet Union but in general all information on our site is applicable to women from all the countries. The differences are not significant.

Ukrainian women are more outgoing and open, Russians are more reserved. At the same time a Ukrainian wife is more likely to argue about the things than a Russian. But of course that mostly depends on personality not nationality.

- Would a Russian lady be interested in living in a small town?

The majority of Russian ladies seem to be rather cosmopolitan. The reason is that in Russia living in a small town or village is a nightmare. There are very poor life conditions, dirtiness, no entertainment, no goods to buy, even TV reception may be not available. Russian ladies do not know and understand the difference between small towns in Russia and abroad, and they just have this instinctive fear towards small towns.

Our advice is to use the following tactics when writing your letters to ladies:

1. Do not apply to women from Moscow or St. Petersburg. These cities have completely different conditions of life from the rest of Russia. Some foreigners told me that Moscow and St. Petersburg were not Russian cities, they are rather European. Women there have better chances to meet foreigners as many agencies organize tours with socials to those destinations, and ladies are becoming spoilt and demanding.

2. Tell more about your town, its entertainment, restaurants and cafes, TV reception and other attractions, weather conditions etc. - everything that you like there. Do not try too hard - you must just say how nice the place is and why you like to live there. If you stay there because one can make very good living, mention it. Send a nice picture featuring you city in summer - with flowers or a lake, or anything nice and warm. Tell her where you can go for better entertainment like opera or theatre, and how far the place is.

- What Russian women think about interracial marriages?

They simply do not think about them. The majority of Russian women won't consider an interracial marriage. As you know, there are no people of African origin in Russia, so ladies do not put the requirement about race on their lists. For them it's natural that they consider themselves applying only to men of their race.

There are native inhabitants of Asian race in Russia (Bashkir, Bouryat, Koreans and others), and this type of interracial marriage was not uncommon in the past and still takes place. They don't talk about interracial marriages, it's not an issue there. Russians are proud that they don't have racial problems.

There is no prejudice towards such marriages. They don't condemn somebody else's marriage to a person of a different race. At the same time women seldom will consider it as a personal option.

According to our questionnaire, about 85% of ladies would like to meet a white man; 10% will consider a man of Asian origin, and 5% don't mind about a race of their future partner.

- Will you loose time pursuing marriage to a lady from Russia if you are not white?

It depends. For Russian ladies, if you look white, you are white. They do not separate Hispanic and whites. They adore mulattos, especially of the lighter color. American and Europeans would have much better chance then a colored man from Africa.

Quite a few ladies will consider a man of Asian origin as an option, though you've got less chances than a white guy, and you will have to try harder. We also know about successful relationships black/multiracial men had with ladies from Russia. So, it is possible, but be prepared for rejection from some women because of your race. We had many Asian clients, and a black client, too. They had received fairly good response to their ads, and established good contacts with nice ladies.

- I liked one of the ladies on our pages, but in her ad it stays that she is looking for a man till 45 and I am 50. What should I do?

We recommend you to write to her in spite of that. Everything is individual, so if you are determined and have serious intentions – it will depend on you if you will be able to conquer her attention. Just don’t give up on something you really want!

- I am 60-something and I would like to find a mate in Russia, but don't want to be a 'door mat' so she can get here and then dump me. How should I act?

A good idea may be a personal ad in Russia. Just make your requirements clear, so you will receive responses only from the ladies who meet them.

There are many ladies in Russia in their 40's who will be interested in you yourself. (Just do not consider finding a 20-year-old girl - you can find one, but your marriage will rarely last longer than 2 years...) It's almost impossible for a woman over 40 to find a marriage partner in Russia. Men whether have been already married, or they are not able to be husbands because of poor health condition or alcohol addiction. Many women apply to agencies hoping to find a husband - somewhere...

- Is it true that nearly 80 percent of Russian women smoke?

No, it's not true. Some of Russian women do smoke but not more than 5-10%. In the large cities like Moscow or St Petersburg, the percentage can be probably about 15%.

- What about stories of ladies coming to foreign countries and leaving shortly after the marriage?

It may happen. Not that often as media say, but it is a fact of reality. The biggest danger of the myths the dating agencies spread is that they make men hope that a young beautiful Russian lady will love an old unattractive foreign man just because he lives in a better country and can guarantee her security.

Some 50-year-old men dream about a 18-year-old girl, find her, marry, and then say that Russian women just want to get into the country. They would have never been in such a situation if pursued marriage to a woman 35+.

In Russia people don't live decently, and some women are ready to do anything to live a better life. Once in a relationship with a foreign guy, a woman feels happy to be loved and cared, and grateful for changing her life for the better. She may even feel in love when it's just a temporary intoxication.

Russian women are used to sacrificing themselves for children, and if she has a child, she can agree to almost anything to ensure that he is safe, has food and money for education. A woman can be unhappy in her marriage and still feel lucky to have a better than average life standards. Russian woman is entitled to feel happy if her husband does not drink and has a good job, nobody talks about love, it's not important. If a woman has a rich husband (a person owing a car, a flat, and earning more than $400 a month), people will think she is crazy or stupid if leaving him for love.

But good standards of living are everything only for the poverty-ridden. When women are in a country like Switzerland, Australia or USA, their attitude changes very quickly. Love and rewarding sexual life are important conditions of happiness. A lady was probably not going to divorce her older husband from the very beginning, but at a later stage she starts to feel miserable and realizes that she plugged herself into a worse situation than she was previously in. It's two different worlds, not just two different cultures.

A professor from a Canadian university told us that he met a couple of men on board a plane to Russia who flew there for a "marriage tour". He characterized them as "bad". He said they were arrogant, obviously had problems with health, and were drinking too much. One of them complained that he was previously married to a Russian woman but she left him a year after the marriage. The professor said he felt sorry - for the woman, because she had stayed with this man for the whole year. He said that he would have run away from him in a couple of days if he was her. And this man was intending to find another lady for marriage in Russia - again, 20-30 years younger.

It's important that you both love each other, otherwise your marriage won't work. A woman can say "I love you" when she doesn't, it's just another Russian women's feature. They are not able to refuse when a man insists. You must not fool yourself. You will always feel if it's a true feeling.

We don't believe that any woman would like to get married to just divorce her husband in 2-3 years, if she can get married for love.

Russians are surprisingly non-materialistic when it's about true love. You may think that we are not consistent saying that, but the truth is that Russians are not consistent. They think with their hearts and feelings. They can have beliefs but act in the opposite way because of feelings. They will follow their decisions made by mind until true feelings get involved. (It's why sometimes westerners think that Russians are irrational. They are rational but in their own way.)

A successful marriage can only be based on love and mutual respect whether it's a Russian woman or a Western one. Your foreign citizenship can make you more attractive to Russian ladies but it can't make your marriage more successful. Russian women make good wives - that's true, but only if she wants to be your wife.

- Why is alcohol abuse in Russia pervasive? Can I not drink when offered?

Alcohol is the only affordable way to have some fun and get rid of the hard reality of everyday fight for survival. The other things like gyms, travel, arts, concerts etc are too expensive. It's also always was a part of culture, and skills to drink a lot and not get drunk are considered to be a part of "the real man" image. You don't have to drink, if you don't wan to. You may say that you are sick and use medicine that does not allow using any alcohol, or just take a sip and put your glass back. Or just say that you are strongly against drinking - Russians are aware that many foreigners are not 100% right in their heads ;-)

- Will I get hassled by government when visiting Russia?

It's not a Soviet Union and the times of cold war. The government doesn't care about foreign tourists anymore, they have too many things to think of.

- How much money would it cost to travel to Russia from the United States? How much does it take to survive a day in Russia?

It depends on you - how expensive your habits are, on the period you are going to stay and on the city you are visiting. Moscow and St. Petersburg are very expensive. You may hope it will be enough to have about US $150 for a day in cash or travel checks. Anyway, you should have your credit card with you - Russia is unpredictable, and you may need some extra money. Make sure that all your travel arrangements are prepaid, and book through a well-established travel agency or Internet site.

- How do most Russian ladies fare being so far away from home, is homesickness a problem?

Yes, in the very beginning it's a problem. Women feel very lonely and even cry sometimes. A woman does not know the country and people, she experiences difficulties with the simplest things like buying stuff in a supermarket, she can't fluently communicate. But women don't want to go back to Russia. They miss their friends and family but not the country itself. Some women don't realize how big the difference is between Russia/Ukraine and other countries. When they have lived for a while in a country like Italy, Canada or Japan, they get used to it quickly.

- Are the women on your service really interested in me, or just coming to my country?

There are a variety of reasons as to why the women choose to join our service. It has been our experience that the primary objective of these women is to find a loyal, dependable, stable man with whom they can build a happy and loving family. These women are now searching outside of their country for this because for whatever reason or reasons they have not yet been able to find that one special person. In Russia for instance, there is a serious shortage of Russian men due to a combination of war and the high male death ratio. Alcoholism is also a very serious problem affecting many Russian males. A poor economic environment causes many men to shun the responsibilities of a wife and family. A family is very important to the vast majority of these women, thus they are forced to expand their search for their mate. The Internet has also opened up a whole new world of opportunities to these women that their mothers never enjoyed. They are no longer confined to their own cities and towns when searching for a husband. They can now search the world over for the right person.

- Is age an important factor?

Studies show men and women seek different goals in marital partners. Men seek youth and beauty. Women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men who will love and respect them, with the ability to protect and provide for the family. It is a fact of life. In many other cultures, such as the Russian culture, the women tend to have much more reasonable expectations. They have not yet been media programmed with a youth-oriented outlook on life. Many Russian men lack a certain maturity towards family and relationships. Most Russian women are extremely mature for their years.

Russian women view an older man as being more reliable, stable, successful and secure. These ladies are extremely mature and practical for their age. These women are looking for a good stable partner whom they can trust and rely on for support as well as being a good provider for a family. It is not unusual for a Russian woman to marry a man 15 to 20 years older.

We attempt to be as diverse as possible. We have women on our database from all walks of life, different cultures, and varying age groups. Age does become a factor when choosing whom you will be most compatible with; however, do not let it become a barrier. For many women an older person represents stability, security and wisdom. In many cultures it is not uncommon to see major age differences between spouses.

- When do you update your web site?

The data on our web site is updated weekly. Women who are engaged, married or no longer available are removed within 72 hours.

- What about the disadvantages? Isn't the language barrier a problem?

Naturally, the cultural differences mentioned above that can add the “spark” can also be a source of friction in a marriage. There can be major differences regarding everything from the marriage ceremony itself to how the children are raised. However, like most problems in life between people, they can be solved if both parties are truly committed to the overall relationship.

The language barrier can and will be a problem for couples in which at least one of the partners is not fluent in both languages. Generally, foreign brides-to-be learn the language of the country in which they’ll be living, because they’ll need it not only to communicate with their new husbands, but to survive on a daily basis. This is usually not a problem, because the women who are serious about finding husbands abroad prepare themselves by studying English or German or the language of whatever country they’re most interested in residing. And English has been taught to all students in Russian and Eastern European secondary for the past few decades, so just about everyone who needs to speak fluent English has a solid base from which to start.

- Are the women on your site all still single, and genuine?

Everyone in our album is single, has not been purchased from any other site or intermediary, and is as genuine in her intentions as we are humanly able to ascertain from both direct written and spoken communication. To that end, if someone begins acting in less than honorable ways, she is removed from the album. Once a lady has found her special someone, she, too, is removed from our site. Women can request to be removed at any time, and we also will investigate any complaints of unusual or insincere behavior from our clients. We won't ever hesitate to remove someone if their behavior demands it. Having a solid, honorable relationship is much, much more important for us than a few extra dollars.

- Looking at your photo album I see hundreds of beautiful women and I cannot believe they all cannot find a man there in Russia?

It is a tragedy of this country... So many beautiful, educated, cultured, intelligent women and... no men to start a family with. Just the official info: there are 10 million women more in Russia than men... Let's see further. Unfortunately so many men who are still alive are hard to be called "men" any more... Drugs and vodka do their job. They are lost for society and for women as potential husbands. The percentage of such "lost" men is awfully high. We don't have any official numbers but we believe there are much more than 10 million. So, HOW MANY single women who are not able to meet a men we see?? We suspect if ALL European men get married in Russia there still will be thousands and thousands single beautiful women there.

- How to make a right choice?

You never know in advance if this certain girl can be match for you... Sometimes two nicest and most intelligent people cannot be together because of any mysterious reasons that are not ever visible for others as well as for them, too! But anyway, you have to start somehow. So, try to tell yourself first what are the most important SIMPLE issues for you in a woman that can be your wife: if you are agree she to have children, if her education is important for you, if her height or weight are important, etc. Look at the photos and see which girls appeal to you the most.

- I was scammed a few times. How can I know if your ladies are honest?

We know about scams maybe more than anybody else because we provide investigations for men at the cases they feel something wrong about the lady they corresponded with. Yes, it happens. Some dishonest people use girls or just beautiful photos that they get in magazines or on other sites and make money on men who think they correspond with a real girl. Men are asked for money "For corresponding/translation service", "I can get a visitor's visa to the US but I need $2.000.00 for this", "For tickets to visit you, my dear", etc. We remove all and each lady if we get any compromising info about her wrong behavior or intentions.




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